From Junk to Jewelry

Have some of grandma's old clip on earrings? In my case I just go into Galoshes' stash of junk jewelry :)  When Galoshes is away MaryJanes will play.  So I pulled out some fairly ugly (as earrings) clip ons and turned them into some fabulous rings!
I pulled the clip on piece off the back of the earring with a pliers.  Then with E6000 glue, attached an adjustable ring (I bought a bunch of them off etsy in supplies).  Let dry 24 hours and your ready to rock!
I got a little messy with the glue on this one, it was my first time using this glue but I love it!  The gold ruffled ring reminds me of 80's nautical, I loved sailor dresses and it looks like a button from a sailor dress.  The gold part was the earring, I added the navy ruffle with a ribbon and a long running stitch to gather.  Then on back I glued the base of a broken watch to give the ring a nice surface and hold everything together.  I love it!

The black ring was much more straight forward, just pulled off the clip and attached the ring. 

So go raid grandma's jewelry!!


  1. I love these! I do this to make things like brooches and shoe clips also. I use JB weld stick, which is like a putty. You pull off a little chunk of it, knead it together and stick it to whatever metal surface you're using and it hardens like metal in 24 hours. Amazing stuff!

  2. HEY!~~~~

    I Maybe 12 Hours Away...BUT...... I still read your blog. OK...so I will be sending you a monthly statement for snitching my stash. First statements go out February 1st...LMAO!!
    Hey, you are really getting good with your manual setting photos!
    PS, I sent out a Valentines box today for you and your family. I made them myself, High fiber, healthy and sweetened with honey and brown sugar. Best of all, I made them on my wood burning cook stove.....best ingredient.

    Love, Galoshes

  3. oooh. The black one looks so elegant! Great dinner ring with a little black dress!


  4. Those are so rad.

    I have a ton of clip on earrings around from my great grandma but I don't use them since they hurt my ears.

    Thanks for sharing the idea.

  5. I think I need to go find a thrift store so I can do this! I love big funky rings! Thanks for the tip.

  6. Those are amazing! I have some old clip ons I'm hoarding: this may be what it's used on now :)

  7. So Cute! Would love for you to add to my Thursday Treasure Party:


  8. Thrift store here I come!

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