In Memory of the Best Dog Ever

June 4, 2004- October 27, 2010

You will be missed.


Cupboard Makeover and Halloween Decor

I mentioned I found some goodies at the Meadowview barn sale.  I'm finally ready to show you what I picked up.  My best find was this cupboard.  I fell in love with it but it needed some TLC.
The back of the cupboard was splintering and really needed to be replaced so I put a new piece on the back and painted the rest. 

Of course I had to add some chalkboard pain on the inside!  On the front door I traced a pattern I liked, filled it in with white paint, then roughly outlined it with a silver paint pen.  I like the free handed look the pen gives to the design, kind of sketch book looking.

My Halloween display was a little slow going this year in our small space, but better late than never right?  It has some of the other vintage goodies I picked up at the barn sale.

The black and orange crow and beads came from the Meadowview Barn sale, the black and orange tree came from a barn sale I went to last weekend.  The stars say "Happy Halloween" when all turned the right direction (find the tutorial here).  The pumpkin was a makeover I told you about here, the small orange rose from this tutorial, and the vases are from one of the first MJ&G tutorials found here!


GIVEAWAY Mat Speaks Custom Personalized Photo Mats

Going into the holiday season we are all looking for fun, unique, personal gifts and I have a fun option for you today.  I just got a mat from Mat Speaks who specializes in personalized photo mats. Check out my little cowboy.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to frame so I chose to get one of the fun designs rather than having something written on it, but they will personalize your mat to say anything you like! Here are a few of their most popular options.

I love the Grandma option, notice the names of the grand kids in the background?  Of course it can say anyone, not just Grandma.

From seeing the mat in person I'm really impressed with the quality.  I was expecting that it would be a store bought mat covered in some scrapbooking paper.  It's not! The mat is cut by hand and I have no idea how they apply the decorative front because it's seamless and stunning! My mat's colors are vibrant and glossy.  Mat Speaks doesn't sell frames, they concentrate on their mats, but the mats are standard sizes for easy framing so you won't have any problem picking up a frame from your favorite store.

Win one!
Two lucky MJ&G readers will each win their choice of a personalized mat! Just head over to Mat Speaks, take a look around, then come back here and tell me which mat you would get.  Giveaway ends Nov. 1st.  Winners will be chosen randomly.  Good luck!


Bed Buggs GIVEAWAY and review

I'm excited to share with you about the cutest pillows ever! I received the most gorgeous rose pillow from Bed Buggs.  So pretty I put it up on a shelf so the kids couldn't mess with it and Galoshes came out and immediately noticed and drooled over it.  Check it out.
It's not only gorgeous, but it's really well made.  The flower comes a bit compacted, but you just fluff up the petals and it holds it's fluffed shape.  The colors are beautiful (there are a ton of color options) and the pillow has a small Bed Buggs tag on it. Customer service and shipping were wonderful.  I can not say enough about this wonderful etsy shop so check them out when your doing your holiday shopping.  Since getting my pillow she has added even more designs.  I couldn't resist showing you some of my favorites.

I'm seriously in love with the poinsettia and the three rose option is stunning! 

Win one!
One lucky reader will win choice of colors in the rose pillow.  Just head over to the Bed Buggs shop, take a look around, then come back and tell me which color combo you love.

Want an extra entry? Leave a separate comment for each entry completed.
  • Twitter the giveaway
  • Leave a comment on the Bed Buggs blog mentioning you saw her on MJ&G
  • Post a link to the giveaway on your FB page
Giveaway ends October  26th


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Vintage Inspired Decor Tutorial with Free Printable.

While at the Meadowview Barn sale I fell in love with a vintage inspired Halloween decoration.  Unfortunately it was not for sale, but no worries, I knew I could make it myself.  I made several variations, some hanging down like the one you will see today and some hanging across like a garland.
What you need-
Image printed on cardstock (if you want yours to say something else you can run a book page through your printer and mount on cardstock for the same effect)

Pinking shears
Glitter (I used white gold Martha Stewart glitter)
Cheap foam brush
Ripped strips of fabric

Print out your image.  Right click on the images below and save to your computer.

Print the pages out on cardstock. Cut out the stars with a pinking shear.
The one above said Happy Halloween.
Brush plain white school glue onto the entire back of each star and glitter.
Tear two strips of fabric twice as long as you would like it to hang.  Fold your strips in half and tie a loop in the middle (this will be what your decor hangs from).  Punch a whole in each star, thread the fabric through and tie a knot in the fabric.  Hang and admire.

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Redi Shade Review and GIVEAWAY! Not just for windows!

I was recently asked by Redi Shade to put their Simple Fit custom size product to the test.  As I wondered around the house trying to decide which window to put one of their sleek beautiful shades on I realized what I really wanted to do was hide the craft closet in the craft room/ guest bedroom Galoshes and I are working on re-doing. With the new custom size shade options you can fit them to any opening that has at least a 2 inch frame around it so it doesn't matter if your window (or doorway in our case) is an unusual shape, Simple Fit has custom sizes to the .08 inch!

 Here is the before of the closet.
And the after!
Much better! Want to know how long it took to get from before to after? Less than two minutes! Actually once I was done reading the directions installation literally took about 30 seconds!  Even better, it required zero tools! You will not believe how easy this is.

After measuring the closet door opening I ordered the Simple Fit shade in the cream/ black out option.  I wanted to make sure it really hid everything and we wouldn't be able to see through it.  I was amazed at how fast it arrived.

I unpacked the shade and held it up to the opening for a dry fit.  Everything looked good so now all I had to do was peel the protective sheet off each end.
And push the trigger button.

The pressure foot pops out and secures the sticky foam on each end.  I immediately pulled the shade up and down a few times thinking this thing had to fall right out, that was just to easy.  But it's totally secure! Galoshes (who was snapping the photos) and I were both in complete awe.  That was easy!  Not only was it easy, but it looks (and feels) great! The shade goes up and down (and anywhere in between) with total ease.  The material is high quality and feels like it will be very durable.

If you want to see a short video of the installation in action here is one by Simple Fit .

I will order a Simple Fit shade again.  The website was very user friendly, but if you prefer to buy in person you can find them at Costco and now at Macy's.  Amazon also carries them and I'm a big fan of Amazon!

Win one!
Thanks to Redi Shade, one lucky MJ&G reader will get to try one out free! Just head over to their FB page and "like" them! Don't have a FB account?  You can still enter, just head over to the Simple fit website then come back and tell me what you would do with your shade!

Giveaway ends October 25th. Winner will be chosen at random.  Open to US residents only (sorry, that's all they ship to at this time!)



New giveaway just up! Some fun, funky jewelry!


Barn Sale! Meadowview Farms

Galoshes and I took off for the first ever Meadowview Farms barn sale last weekend.  It was about a 2.5 hour drive, but it did not disappoint!

I picked up some great finds!



A new giveaway just went up on the giveaway page, pottery anyone?!

State Puzzle Trend?

I'm seeing a trend of fabulous uses for USA puzzle pieces.  You could of course use the ideas for any kind of puzzle, but I have a thing for states.  First I saw these key chains at the Junk Bonanza.
Just drill a hole and attach a key chain!
Then while on a day trip (which I will share with you tomorrow) to Meadowview Barn Sale I found these magnets!
So when you find your puzzles are missing pieces think about what else you can do with them before you toss them!


Woody's Spurs Tutorial

If you have boys in your house there is a good chance you are preparing your little "Woody" for Halloween! Even if you have a store bought Woody costume chances are you still need some spurs.
What you need-
Yellow felt
Sewing machine or fabric glue

If you prefer a no-sew project feel free to use a good fabric glue, like fabric tac. I have two little "Woodys" at my house so you will see two different cowboy boots in my photos.

Measure your boot around the back half.
Cut 2 strips of felt 1 inch by that measurement and set aside.
Draw a circle about the size you would like your spur part to be and add a tail half the length of the strips you just cut.  It should look like a little tree.  You will need 4 of these.
Sandwich two trees together and cut triangles out around the edge.
Fold your long strips (the first things we cut) in half and sandwich between your spur pieces.
Do a dry fit on your boots.
If you are using glue you can tack everything in place now.  If your using a sewing machine you will need to sew in three steps.  First Sew around the outside half of the star portion going up and down the points.  Then sew up each side of the tails leaving the short side open.

Measure your boot again all the way around.
 You need to subtract your original half measurement plus 1 inch from this number.  Example.  My boots measured 10.5 inches.  My original measurement of the back half was 5 inches plus 1 is 6 so I needed to subtract 6 from the 10.5 = 4.5  Cut your elastic to that measurement.  You will need two pieces, one for each boot.
Insert your elastic into the short edge you left open .5 inch.  Sew back and forth to lock the elastic in place.
Secure each end of elastic and your set!


Day at the farm

The other day I posted some quick pics from our weekend at The Little Farmer.  One of you keen eyed readers even guessed where we were before I said it! So here are some fun photos from the farm, if your ever in the Fond du Lac area be sure to make a stop at The Little Farmer, we had a ton of fun.  The farm is done really nicely with an awesome playground, fun petting zoo, and treats that will make your mouth water.

A twins to twins conversation?

Always good advice...

I would like one of these signs for moms.... Mommy enjoys your attention....