Unwrap a rainbow

Have you made these fun rainbow cupcakes yet?  I've seen them all over so I can't credit just one person for the idea... but in case you haven't it's super simple.  Just mix up a white cake, separate into a bunch of bowls (one for each color).  Then layer and bake as directed!

Challenging Myself

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

I'm Challenging myself.  While browsing around Blog Frog I saw an ad for The Sketchbook Project 2011.  I had never heard of it (am I living under a rock?) but it caught my attention and I took a look.  I won't go into details about how it works as you can get that from their website if your interested, but you choose a category, they send you a sketchbook, you fill it up and send it back.  Then it goes on tour all over the country and ends up in the Brooklyn Art Library.

I debated a while.  A lot of work goes into filling a sketchbook so to do all that work then send it away forever....  The thing that changed my mind was that each book has a bar code on it and every time someone looks at your book you get a notice that it has been viewed.  How fun is that! Now amongst so many sketchbooks I'm not sure how much mine will be viewed, but I thought it would be a nice challenge for myself.  A project to force me to sketch daily.  I did consider just making my own sketchbook project that is only me, and if you would like to play along but don't want to join the official project I'd love to see your creations!   I will share some sneak peaks with you along the way.

There were many categories to choose from.

I chose "things found on restaurant napkins" sound fun right! Throw your ideas my way if my theme inspires you.  I'm going to start a list of ideas that pop into my head.  I'm going for humor, witty, maybe a couple sad (things have come to mind).  Let's hear it.


Broward Patch Camera Strap

DSLR cameras are amazing.  I will never go back to a point and shoot, but they are a bit clunkier to carry.  I'm sure you've seen lots of cute camera straps popping up to solve this problem.  There is a style for everyone out there and even lots of tutorials telling you how to make your own, but I'm just smitten with Broward Patch camera straps not only for the super cute strap that I have on my camera, but because the creator behind it is super sweet too!
She offers all different color schemes, some I would never have even thought of but are adorable! After patching them together she quilts those perfect lines the entire length.  I just love the stitching, it really adds a lot.  The straps are lightly padded for comfort but thin enough that it doesn't take up much room and can easily be folded up.  There is plenty adjustable strap so that you can adjust the length just how you like it.
I really can say nothing but wonderful things about my strap and the woman behind it.  The strap looks so perfect, the kind of quality you can only get from hand made.  Head over to Broward Patch and grab yourself one!  You lucky ducks also have the chance to win one here!


Sunday Snapshot

I almost forgot my snapshot for today! I guess I was engrossed in my projects that I'm excited to show you.  Anyway, in keeping with the artist theme this week.....

Frame It!

I recently got some post cards from an artist's shop, Christine Mason Miller, have you seen her work?  She has been in some of the Sommerset magazines Galoshes and I are obsessed with (who isn't?). You can check out her website with all her info, she has a fun blog too! After receiving some of her postcards they seemed like a story, so instead of sending them out I decided to frame them!
I didn't want to damage the post cards so I used poster putty to secure them in place.
See how they kind of made a little story?  "Your sparkly, your an artist, your on a journey" and I love the colors!
It now hangs in my studio space, how inspiring!


Halloween Cards

Just about everyone you know sends out Christmas cards right?  Well I don't, never have.  When I do send out holiday cards it's always for something non traditional, like Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, and this year..... Halloween! It's so much more fun to send a card when it's not expected.  We've been busy making up some Halloween cards using the watercolor pictures Hudson and I have done during "our time". 
We paint big pictures, then when they dry I take a marker and sketch on the details or make them into new things.  Then cut them into card sizes, mat and attach to cards.  We made a few extra this time for the shop.  There are two sets available right now if you want to send out Halloween cards too!
Happy Haunting!

Gift Packaging Goodies from Flirtdeux

You guys know how I love to gift wrap.  Well Flirtdeux (the same awesome etsy seller who brought us Flirtbuttons) sent me the cutest little gift packaging kit! Check out this cuteness.

The gift tags and matching stickers (that come in their own little matching tin!) arrived in a little muslin drawstring bag.  If you have a Capricorn on your gift list seriously consider a gift like this, but really, who wouldn’t love it right? 
Now that you are seriously drooling, you can win one yourself! Head over to the giveaway page for your chance, good luck!


Cake Stand from Thirft Store finds Tutorial

Take ugly 80's thrift store finds like these.
Some gorilla glue and silver spray paint..... Voila!
I ended up using the candle stand upside down, it just seemed to balance better that way with the cheese dome.  Don't be afraid to flip things over and see how they look!  Enjoy!

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Meditation Bracelets

I have a meditation bracelet shop that I do in spurts.  I love healing stones but I don't get them often so when I do I make up a batch of meditation bracelets and get them in shop.  So just a quick note to tell you I have some in shop right now if your interested.  I do have a few that I will be listing later this week also.

Twig Tacks Tutorial

You guys are going to think I'm obsessed with tacks.  Here's another fun idea for you. I picked up the little twig rounds in the home decor section of Wal-Mart, but of course you could pick up some twigs in your own yard and cut them into little pieces.
Dab a bit of gorilla glue on your tack (not to much, that stuff expands). Attach twig round. Repeat a bazillion times.
You can even doodle on them if you like!


Fresh Eye Candy

Have you ever wondered where those produce stand get all that fresh produce?  Okay, you probably assumed they grew it themselves (and some do) but not far from our house, a few days a week, there is a HUGE produce auction where you buy produce in bulk.  I checked it out for the first time last week and snapped some eye candy for you, healthy candy that is!
I had never even seen purple peppers!  We got a case of the peaches, so good.

Making Girls Shorts in No Time!

I have just started to really get the hang of sewing.  Although my grandma is a very skilled sewer, no one ever taught me so, like most things, I've been teaching myself.  Now that I have kids I've been trying to make some clothes.  The other day I ran across this tutorial from Create and Delegate for what she titled "Anyday shorts".   I printed the pattern and went to the sewing room immediately! Here is what I ended up with.
I would have loved to get more great shots but my model was being seriously uncooperative and my environment wasn't the best for photos on the fly. See the spoon in the background?  I will have to show you my mom's kitchen some time.  I'm no country girl but I seriously love her spoon drawer handles made by her hubby (she has a couple forks too) how fun is that! 

The shorts were so quick and easy she will soon have a pair in every color I'm sure.  I even used No Big Dills tip from the other day on sewing a ribbon to mark the back.  I really want to get some labels to sew in, does anyone know a good place to order them from, or a good tutorial for making your own (that actually hold up?).


Sunday Snapshot

You all know there isn't much rhyme or reason to what I post on what days.  I'm not a schedule person like that, but I thought it might be fun (since I typically don't post on Sundays) to have a "Snapshot Sunday" and give you a bit more of a peak into my life and the everyday around here. So here is the first snapshot.

Have I mentioned lately that I ♥ my sponsors?  Check out this great find from Simply Silhouettes.  Just in case you don't have a favorite cup of your own.


Making your own Patterns with No Big Dill

I am jumping out of my seat with excitement to introduce you to my guest today.   You know every once and a while when you find a blog that you become so attached to you have to read the entire thing?  No big dill, LOL, seirously though, No Big Dill is her blog name.  Cute right?  She is an awe striking mother of 5 girls!
See that little one in front with all the ruffles.  That little dress was when I officially fell in love with Katy and her amazing skills.  And that's not the only outfit she made in the photo! Can you believe she got them all to stand still long enough to show all her work off.
It's the kind of family portrait we all wish for, but personally, this one stole my heart.
All the photos of Katy and her family are from her blog using the same techniques she is going to tell you about today on altering patterns.  You can see that post, and check out all those handmade outfits up close and personal, here.  But today, she's here! And she has some great tips and amazing photos (as always) so please welcome her!

Thank you for the invitation to be here today! MaryJanes and Galoshes always has something enthralling posted, so I was flattered to be asked to guest post.

Several years ago, someone who knew I sewed for my girls asked if I made my own patterns. I guffawed that she thought I was able to do such a thing! But, as my confidence in my sewing abilities grew over time, I am now to the point where many of the clothing items I sew are my own designs. To get to this point, I started by making simple alterations to existing patterns, which is what I'm going to show today.
A two-in-one: Pattern alteration and Fisherboy Shorts!

Children's commercial patterns often turn out too "billowy" for my taste, but instead of fighting it, I thought I would use it to my advantage. What you need:

Freezer Paper
Child's Shorts pattern (Simplicity 2627 is an example)
1/2 yard fabric (plus scraps of another color)
2 buttons (optional)
1/2 yard 3/4" elastic

I don't usually cut out individual sizes so I can use it multiple times as my girls grow. Trace the size you are going to use (I show size 4) and extend the hem 3-4" down the side seam, and extend the inside seam straight down, starting from the top corner, instead of tapering in. The amount you add will depend on the height of your child, so hold up the pattern piece where it is marked "waistline" to your child's waist. Keep in mind that we'll be adding another 1" of contrasting band.
Sew, clip and zig-zag or overstitch (serge) the center front seam and center back seam, right sides together.

Open each piece and with right sides together, stitch inner seam and side seams, clip and zig-zag or overstitch (serge).

Fold waist down 1 1/2" and press. Open and fold very edge under 1/4". Fold down again and edgestitch (1/8") all the way around. Stitch again along the inside of the casing, leaving 2" open in the back. I like to stitch my casings twice, as they seem more finished and structured than a single stitch. For proper length of elastic, fit it around your child, making it slightly smaller than their waist. Thread elastic through casing, overlap ends 1/4" and zig-zag stitch together.

For the contrasting band, cut 2 rectangles: 11" X 3". (I used these same dimensions for both a size 4 and size 2, but again, measure your child to make sure it is the right size). Fold in half lengthwise and press. Open and fold one side down 1/4", press.
Baste 2 rows of stitches 1/8" inside and another 1/8" away from first stitching line leaving the threads long around the leg opening, starting and stopping at the inner seam.
Fold each band in half, with right sides together and stitch 1/4" leaving the top edge folded down. Press seam open, turn right side out. Turn shorts inside out and place the non-folded edge of the band inside and along the leg opening. Line up band seam with inside leg seam and pin. Find center of band and pin to outer seam of shorts.

Gather edge of shorts by pulling on two thread ends until the band and shorts are the same length. Wrap your threads in a figure 8 around the pin to secure. Spread the gathered fabric evenly. Repeat on the other side of the leg and stitch 1/4" around the leg opening. Repeat process on other leg.

Fold band along the pressed fold and pin in place. Edgestitch on each side of band (stitching 1/8" in from each side). Add buttons to outer seam if desired, which, really, why wouldn't it be?

Even if you don't have fancy labels of your own, I like to put a bow or a small piece of ribbon in the back to let my little one know which way is the front and back. Tuck the ribbon inside casing and stitch to close and secure. Finished! Time to go fishing!


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