Did you Guess?

We have a surprise giveaway winner! The SodaStream review was a secret giveaway, did you guess?  There were 13 comments and one lucky winner who is getting her choice of key fobs from Brooks Boutique!  Check out some of the choices....

Congratulations to Jessica! Head over to Brooks Boutique and pick one out!


Vintage Eye Candy

Just popped in to share some more images I shot at our vintage yard sale this weekend.  I'm working on getting some projects ready for a fun theme starting this week! Hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial day weekend.  We took the oldest of our three (who will be three this July) to the drive in movies (yes we still have a drive in theater near us!).  They play double features but we only stayed for Shrek.  Today we tried out a new aquatic center we had passed a few times that looked great for little ones.  The kids has so much fun we got a season pass (which for a family of 5 isn't much more than one day admission!).  I was thrilled that they love it as the boys seem to go back and forth with loving and hating water.  Big H did so well that we are looking into swimming lessons! He's not even 3 yet, doesn't seem possible, but he kept wanting to go into deeper water and it was just to much for me without his knowing how to swim!   Anyway, I'm testing out an Olympus Tough camera for Olympus (which I will tell you about soon) but it's waterproof so I have some shots from our day at the pool.  You'll see them later. 


Vintage Yard Sale

Here is a taste of what's going on at mom's place this weekend!
So much stuff! My mom says she's a bit of a hoarder, it's funny though.... she doesn't like to throw things out or get rid of things, but she has no problem selling things.  Although the next day she will be at good will with all that money looking for new (old) things to bring home and wash up.  She's like an orphanage for old, rusty, broken things.  They come home, she gives them love and care until they are ready to venture out again to their new homes.


Handmade Giveaway- LarissaWowk

I hope that your enjoying all the giveaways lately. I had such a wonderful response to my call for sponsors wanting to give you guys stuff! It's great for you because you get to win things and it's great for them to get the exposure so I hope your enjoying seeing all the fun places to shop and products to try.  I love to shop handmade.  Handmade jewelry is so unique, each piece is different and one of a kind.

Today I'm going to show you a couple bracelets from Larissa's Handcrafted Jewelry on etsy.  She calls her jewelry simple, classic, elegant and makes it with natural stones.
I love natural stones.  The colors are so beautiful.  Larissa is offering one lucky reader their choice of any bracelet in her shop.  As usual, all you have to do is take a look at her shop and tell me what you love, or would love to see added (she's still growing!).  I know she will love to hear your feedback.

Giveaways ends at 11:59 PM central US time on May 30th


Quick and easy Card Tutorial

I listed a few sets of trees punched out (some people asked if I would so I listed some extras).  I thought I would share a quick and easy card I made using the same trees.  So easy it's a wordless tutorial.

 Get a discount with card printing at Psprint San Francisco


Home made soda- SodaStream Review

I have to admit, I love gadgets.  When it comes to kitchen gadgets I have to weigh the gadgets usefulness against the space it takes up as our counter space at the moment is VERY limited.  Luckily the Fountain Jet is worth twice the space it takes up! Whether your the occasional soda craver or a daily drinker (or in my house, both) there are things about the Fountain Jet that will appeal to you.
What it is- this little baby turns plain old tape water into sparkling water or (when you ad flavor) soda! It's actually a lot simpler than you might think it is.  No batteries required, just a co2 cartridge and a few pushes of the button into your plain water, then remove the bottle and pour in your flavor.  That means the only thing that touches the machine is plain water so there is no clean up!!!!

There are a ton of flavors to choose from and I was pleasantly surprised to see this...
It's nearly one third the calories of regular soda! You can find more nutritional information here. There are also all kinds of environmental reasons to use the SodaStream products,  you can read all about it here if that's your thing.  For me, it's the value.  Making soda at home averages out to be about 25 cents a can.
I was able to try a wide selection of their flavors (there are over 30 soda flavor choices). My favorite is the diet root beer.  The diet cola tastes just like diet coke and the cola tastes like a generic coke or pepsi.  Lemon lime was refreshing, as was the citrus options of pink grapefruit or orange mango.  The only one I didn't like was the lemon iced tea (and I'm an iced tea drinker).  I think it was because I don't think tea is supposed to be carbonated.  Although you can control the amount of carbonation, as well as the amount of flavor you want. 

What I'm loving-
  • Different flavors of sodas all at my fingertips for all my moods.
  • Fresh root beer floats! Check out some of their other recipe ideas here!
  • Narrow design takes up less space than my coffee maker
  • No batteries
  • No clean up!!!!
What I'm not loving-
  • Although you may find alternative flavoring methods, you will always need to purchase replacement co2 cartridges which means ordering and waiting for them to come.  SodaStream does have a few options so that you can have spares on hand though and even recycles the used canisters! Plus the Jet has the option to hold the extra large canister so you replace it less. 
I use my SodaJet on a daily basis.  My husband used to take two cans of soda a day to work with him and now takes one of the durable liter bottles saving us money.  I love that I can get the flavors I crave when I want them just a little at a time (and for fewer calories!).   Put this on your list for the soda drinker on your Christmas list!  Or order extra bottles and use it for your parties, no more buying a ton of 2 liters just to have a bunch of half empty containers to store when the party is over!

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Remember this tutorial I did on the vintage bingo markers?  Well I came across some vintage checker pieces this time. 
Next time you see an old game at a garage sale and pass it by because your sure it's missing a piece, crack it open and see if there is anything you can make new again!  I had enough to make 6 of these sets so you can find them while they last at the MJ&G etsy shop.  Oh, and I put a few sets of trees I punched out for the Mod Trees by request for those of you who want to make them but don't want to buy the punch.

Paper Bandanna Bunting, quick and easy!

My mom is preparing to have her own flea market garage sale.  After recently visiting a very large flea market with some very cute vendors she decided that she wants her sale to be cute too! I'm helping her out by making some buntings and I thought I would share this one with you as it's SUPER easy and so quick
What you need-
Martha Stewart bandanna paper pack found at Wal-Mart
Pinking shears
Double stick tape

Each sheet of paper is going to give you two large flags. Fold each sheet in half then in half again.
With the folded edge up, from the top corner to the bottom center on each side.
Cut your string to the desired length.  Open each triangle and place a strip of double stick tape on the fold over your sting then a second piece of tape lower to secure the piece shut.
Continue until it makes you happy! Hang and enjoy.

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Vol 25 has me absolutely smitten- Review and Giveaway!

I have to admit, this isn't the first time I've seen Jessica's (the artist behind Vol 25) work.  Although I didn't realize it was her I kept seeing (and loving).  It started when I came across her photoshop overlays... what a fun way to dress up a photo! Just check out some of the fun things you can do with them.
I recently got a print from Vol 25, check out this sweet typewriter.
I was amazed when I opened the print to find that it's not paper, its canvas! It has this awesome quality and texture to it that makes it feel, well, expensive! It's the neatest print I've ever owned. 

What I'm loving-
  • This was a treat from the second I opened the envelope.  The print was packaged very professionally with cardboard and a cello sleeve.  She included an over sized postcard of another piece of work, the CUTEST business card I've ever seen, seriously, I took pictures of it and it's displayed on my shelf.  Here, I'll show you.

  • The material it's printed on, like I mentioned already. This print will last a long time on the canvas material it's printed on. 
  • Customer service.  When shopping on etsy your buying right from the artist.  Which is great, but it doesn't guarantee the person is going to be friendly.  Jessica is extremely friendly.  She's quick to answer e-mails, quick to ship, and appreciative that you enjoy her work!
What I'm not loving-
  • I ended up using a floating frame for this print as I found that my 8 by 10 mat cut off some of the typewriter sides.  It could have been that it was a double mat, you could trim the mat back, but I found the floating frame to be a great solution and I love how it looks!
Vol 25 is offering one of you lucky readers your choice of an 8 by 10 print!  So skedaddle over to Vol 25, take a look at Jessica's work then come back here and tell me which print you have to have.  Grab some of those overlays while your there, just because they're awesome!  Giveaway open until May 27th, 2010.


So stinkin cute!

I got the cutest package from one of my sponsors Sadie 'n Stella the other day! She's about to take a break from her online shop for her busy summer so you won't see her button for a bit, but I had to share with you this thoughtful gift she sent and say THANKS Lu!
A Maryjanes book and soap Galoshes!!! So clever. And you should have seen how cute she packaged it up, a gift in itself.  Go check out her vintage shop before she officially goes on break!


I heart books tote- TUTORIAL

During April's Library week my library gave me the cutest bag! The only problem.... it's plastic and although I use it enough to justify it being plastic it's not going to last forever and I'm kinda in love with it.  So I decided to recreate it, in fabric!
Looking at it now, I could have made the heart bigger, but it was so easy I probably make another!

What you need-
muslin fabric
1.5 inch wide black satin ribbon
freezer paper
black fabric paint
scrap of red fabric (I used an old red t-shirt)
scrap of iron on stabilizer 

Tools needed-
sewing machine
exacto knife (or cricut if you have one)
fabric scissors or rotary cutter

Cut list-
Muslin- (2) 15 by 16 inch pannels
Ribbon- (2) 25 inch strips
Red- square slightly larger than the heart you want to make
stabelizer- same size as red square
1. With wrong sides together (if your fabric has wrong sides) sew down the two longer sides and across the bottom of the muslin.  So only one short side (the top) is open.
2. Fold the top into a cuff by folding down a quarter inch then again so the raw edge is now inside the cuff as shown.
3. Now measure in three inches from each top corner and insert your ribbon (right side out if there is only one shiny side)  and pin in place. Repeat on the other side so you have two straps.
Make sure your ribbon isn't twisted.
4. Sew along the hem close too the edge all the way around.
5. Fold the ribbon up over the line you just sewed, pin, and sew all the way around the top close to the edge.
6. Turn your bag right side out.  With your freezer paper cut out the letters (either print and trace then cut with exacto knife or cut on your cricut, which ever method is available to you). Make sure your letter are the correct direction when looking at the dull side of the paper.
7. Iron your freezer paper onto the face of your bag with your iron on a low setting.
8. Cover your letter with your fabric paint using a paint brush to spread the paint smooth.
When it's almost dry peel the paper off being careful not to get paint anywhere you don't want it.
9. Iron the stabilizer onto the back of your red fabric. Pencil a heart where you want it to be and pin the red fabric behind your pencil outline on the inside of the bag.
10. Sew along the outside of the heart then trim the muslin away being careful not to cut through the red fabric.
Now you can be a tree hugging library geek :) Enjoy!
Enjoy your books!  Check out the "shop" page for more book love, bookplates!

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