Kid's Lap Quilts

When I saw this tutorial over at Katie did, I knew I had to make one, or ten! Note to self, make one in olive like hers.... With my nieces' birthday party this weekend, remember her from the photo pencils? she and her little sister are having a joint party on Saturday so everything's times two! Lucky for me these quilts are super cute AND super quick! 
 I love all the different colored threads making it simple and modern yet fun! I used some bright Alexander Henry lemon fabric for the binding. 
They are both chocolate brown on one side then either a pale yellow or pale lavender on the other (to match their rooms of course!).  I'm working on a doll for each too so I will post them when they are done plus some fab gift wrapping ideas I'll be using to complete the handmade package!


Death of a chocolate bunny

We had pancakes for dinner last night (not something I would usually take the time to share with you!) but I wanted to make chocolate chip pancakes and I didn't have any chips.  Then I realized what I did have.... a chocolate easter bunny! He met his fate.
 Just in case you were wondering what to do with all those bunnies!

But I didn't stop there.  I was feeling experimental. We get those Lucky Charm marshmallows in a bag sometimes.....
Next time I will mix them into the batter so they don't melt.  They did look cool though, which amused the kids.

On a healthier note... It's been two and a half weeks since we planted the salad table.  It's sprouting along quite nicely.  I just thinned it out as directed by the package.  Remember how I told you this is the first thing I have ever attempted to grow?  Well I didn't really believe that each seed would equal a plant and put in WAY to many seeds per hole! Lesson learned.



Office Chair Redo

You know those moments when you see something that makes you say "why didn't I think of that?".  That's what hit me when I saw this office chair redo at Craft Rookie. She posted step by step photos so you can head over there for the walk through, but it's super easy so you probably don't even need directions.  I went from this....
to this....


Personalized Photo jars for Mom

Looking for something personal to give mom (or grandma) for Mother's day?  It doesn't get much more personal than your (or your kid's) face on a funky jar.  Beautiful AND useful!  My mom just has my three kids for grand kids so I picked up these three spice jars at good will and cleaned them up. You will need bottles, clear shelf lining contact paper, a laser copy of your image.  I printed these with a laser printer on plain copy paper. You don't want photo paper, it won't rub away. If you don't have a laser printer you can get a copy at the copy store for about a quarter.  We were being silly at the antique mall and trying a bunch of hats on the kids.  Hayden kinda looks Amish anyway so the hat really completed the look.  Nadia's hat reminded me of the scene from the Wizard of Oz where the guy at the Emerald City stuck his head through the door.... remember that guy?  And who doesn't love a newsboy cap?

Cut a piece of contact paper the correct size to wrap around your bottle.  Bottles with straight, even sides are the easiest to work with.  Peal off enough of the paper backing to fit your trimmed photo.  Put the image face on the sticky side of the contact paper.
In a bowl of water, soak this for a few minutes to loosen the paper.  When your paper is soft use the pad of your finger to rub it off.
Continue until all your paper is gone.  You can re-soak if needed.  If it's really wet when you get done let it dry a bit, the stickiness will return when it's dry again.  Peal the rest of the paper backing off and wrap it around your bottle.
Like magic!

It's also very easy to remove and re-stick so if you don't get it on straight, or you just get sick of it, you can peel it right off.

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Vintage Bingo Markers into stylish thumb tacks- Tutorial

These look to me like something Pottery Barn would sell.  I found these vintage bingo markers at the antique mall I'm always showing you guys (wearing galoshes days).
I immediately knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.  So I grabbed some plain old thumb tacks and my strongest glue (which happened to be gorilla glue).
I used a wood chopstick to spread a thin layer of glue on the top of the tack and pressed onto each marker.  Note- if you choose to use gorilla glue as well, it does expand and grow a bit so make sure you use it sparingly.  Let dry and voila!
Now I realize that not everyone is going to come across these cute markers so I have two options for you.

1. Get a .5 inch dowel from your hardware store and some red paint or a red ink pad and some number stamps.   Cut your dowel into .5 inch to .75 inch pieces and stamp or paint your own numbers and border.

2. Head over to MJ&G on Etsy.  I listed these in sets of 6 but I only have 6 sets so hurry!

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 Today's the day..... I went to Random.org, plugged in the numbers, and TA DA! We have the three winners of the MaryJanes and Galoshes on Etsy giveaway of Erin McMorris Free Spirit fabric.  Before I tell you who it is I have to tell you that Erin McMorris herself came to check out the action.  Galoshes sent her an e-mail of what we were up to and how you guys were ranking the fabrics (some good insight for a designer!) and she came to check it out!

Okay, I'll get to it. And the winners are........

           In first place... Receiving the brown package.... Terri Gordon who said:
Terri Gordon said... 46
Wow, what a wonderful giveaway, I love all three, but my favorite is the brown. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win and have a wonderful week. Terri
Jessica said... 56
Love them all! Pink. Blue. Brown. :)
Tanya said... 23
Thanks so much for a fun giveaway, I like them all but I think brown, pink and blue would be the order of my choices.

Thank you for all who entered! I already have a few giveaways lined up in the near future (and some fabulous crafting of course!) so stick around!


Did you do anything for Earth Day?

I have to admit, I haven't "celebrated" earth day since grade school when we would plant a tree in the playground.  But after seeing this earth cake over at Under the Table Dreaming I had to make it with the kiddo.  Well it was early and mommy's brain hadn't quite got in groove yet, so after having to take the batter back out of the bowl because I forgot the food coloring, hello! that's the point of the project! I forgot to grease the bowl after wiping it clean so that the uncolored batter didn't take away from the dome.  I guess I was so excited to try it I wasn't thinking clearly.

Anyway, I used an oversized baking "mug" I had gotten my mom for Christmas.
 We cut the top off to make a flat base.
Oh by the way, we used the Neon food colors which is why the colors look bright!  It took 20 drops of each color.  I loosened the edges with a knife but alas, the top was a complete failure.
Plan B. At first I sliced it down the center, but then realized that all was not lost and we made slice globes.
He was happy, cake was yummy.  A good time was had by all.  (and it looked pretty neat too!)


Love Galoshes?

As a mom of three under three I use the internet to do a lot of my gift shopping.  I want to take my time and look around for something special and let's face it, with kids we get in and out with what we need and hope we didn't forget anything.  I was recently introduced to CSN Stores, and online shopping website with over 200 stores in one place.  My favorite thing about the website is the gift guide.  You can get suggestions for Men, Women, teens, kids, babies, even pets! To make things even easier you can shop by interest for the nature lover, cook, or sports fan in your life.  CSN Stores has things like small kitchen appliances, outdoor fire pits, bikes, tv stands, wine racks, shoes for everyone in the family, sinks, yes I said they even have the kitchen sink.... and bathroom sinks, laundry room sinks, utility sinks, but that's enough about sinks. 

So why am I going on about CSN Stores?  They are going to send me a pair of rain boots (yes, Galoshes! get it?) to review! It seems I have a thing for galoshes (snicker) and am having trouble narrowing down all the choices they have.  So I need your help! Here are the three I have narrowed it down to.  Tell me which design is your favorite on my side bar poll, just out of the kindness of your heart because I'm indecisive.

Classic Red

Black and White Damask

Black and White Plaid

In my defense, there are 57 designs to choose from (and that's just the woman's) so narrowing it down to these three was no small feat! Once I decide on a design I'll order them and put them to the test.  Stay tuned to hear all about it!  Thanks for your help!  

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It's a Giveaway!

MaryJanes and Galoshes on Etsy has a stash of Erin McMorris Free Spirit Fabric by the yard (limited quantities) for a steal while it lasts.  To celebrate, Galoshes (my mom) has decided to give away a yard of each of the three patterns along with some vintage goodies (pictured).  There will be 3 winners randomly selected from the comments on this post.  One color theme will go to each winner with the first randomly chosen winner getting their first choice and so on.  So you need to rank your choices in your comment of first, second, and third choice. 
You can refer to each option as brown, pink, or blue. 

The three winners will be chosen at random on Sunday, April 25th.  Get a second entry by tweeting about the giveaway, just leave a second comment that you tweeted and list your choices again (so I don't have to hunt down your original post).  If you are chosen first and did not rank your choices you will be given what ever is left and the second and third winner will receive their first and second choices. 



DIY Cozy Cottages

A little trash to treasure makeover for you today. Here is what I started with.
 A base of whit spray paint....
Some salt water taffy colored acrylic paints....
These ones are one of a kind and in shop now.

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Wearing Galoshes

A few pics from my last "Galoshes" day.
All things (with the exception of this last photo of the blocks) are from Sommers Breeze Antiques.


Quick Projects

I'm obsessed with free printable.  If your not familiar, there are lots of awesome graphic artists out there who create things (notebook pages, gift tags, ect) for you to download, print, and cut for FREE!  My favorite place to find them is One Pretty Thing (you can sort the site to view only the printable roundups).  I have been collecting so many fun ones but haven't printed any recently so I decided to print out a bunch and make a couple scratch pads from this MJ&G tutorial.
I also made Nadia this cute polka dot headband from the Ruffles and Stuff tutorial I used here.