Oreos on a Stick

I love Oreos.  Like seriously love them to the point where it's really an issue and I just can't eat them at all for fear I may eat the entire package.  My kids love them too, but make a total mess of themselves when given even half an Oreo.  Well I found a solution to both problems.  Cover them in chocolate and put them on a stick.  The stick keeps the kids from getting messy (and let's face it, everything is more fun on a stick) and being chocolate covered and in single serving form make me eat one and stop there (not to mention the extra chocolate makes them extra filling and I would have a TON of guilt if I ate more than one).

I even let my 3 year old help me make them, he got to put on the sprinkles, which made my job easier and him happy! So no, the sprinkles aren't as perfect as this Capricorn would have applied them, but they are fun and the kids were happy, and they still tasted the same!

 I found that one package of Oreos (minus 2 cookies sampled for freshness of course) worked out to be the perfect amount to one package melting chocolate (I used a large brick of white bark that was on special for the holidays).

You can get sucker sticks about anywhere now days, I got mine at Michaels.  They are inexpensive.    One stick per cookie pushed into the frosting.  Dip your cookie into the melted chocolate then lay on a sheet of waxed paper and sprinkle.

Some tips for working with chocolate-
  • Use a double boiler!  This means using a bowl set inside your container with the hot water, put on the heating unit.  This prevents your chocolate from burning.
  • DO NOT allow the water in the boiler to actually BOIL! If your water begins to boil it will burn the chocolate, turn it down immediately, there is a fine line.
  • Even the tiniest drop of water in your bowl of chocolate will ruin the whole thing!  If you see your chocolate gets a grainy texture, you have gotten water into the bowl and it is now garbage.  I know that sounds unbelievable, but it could not be more true.  So move slowly and do not splash!
Allow to fully cool and set before you remove them from the paper.  They freeze great too so you can make up a batch and freeze what you don't need (makes a great "special treat" on a day where you need a little help with the kids!). Enjoy!

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  1. Oh my word, YUMMY!!! Love Oreos!!!

  2. they were a hit at the party.. Great ideas!!

  3. My family is going to LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing ;)

  4. As if I needed more encouragement to eat Oreos. These are genius and so adorable with the fun sprinkles.

  5. i'm a new follower to your blog and i love it! i just made some of your fabric flowers from your tutorial and i think i wanna bring some of these oreos to my next party! thank you :-) ~Cara Lee

  6. A neebie also: I am making these for my Grandchildren when they come Christmas Eve--I just love your website--the paperbag wreath--all of it Thank you--A "Lady of a certain age" Julierose

  7. They look awesome! I definately will make some for my daughters birthday. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I just found this through pinterest. I am wanting to do these as fsvors for my wedding. How long do you think these would stay fresh in the freezers?