More Charlie and Lola Birthday Party

Thought I would wrap up the Charlie and Lola Birthday party pics.  This party was really budget friendly decor wise.  Some poster board, crayons, sharpie and books from the library for reference.  
This banner was one of my favorite (and easiest) decorations.  Some scrapbook paper taped directly to the wall with a couple "Lola butterflies".  They weren't strung on anything, just taped in a draped pattern.

Charlie and Lola were poster board, sharpie and crayon drawn from the cover of one of their books.

I didn't think the party could be complete without pink milk and silly straws.
I rented a ton of books from the library and had them out on the table, along with awesome (free printable) build your own cupcakes from Vol.25

Thanks for stopping in! Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. I love Charlie and Lola! None of my kids like it anymore...which makes me sad.

  2. We LOOOOOVE Charlie and Lola at this house. In fact, my 3 year old daughter will only say "toh-mah-toe" instead of the standard tomato. Because of that show. I am totally crushing on these details. Especially the bugs on the wall and the butterflies, and the strawberry milk. Oh, and the character cut-outs. Okay. I love it all!

  3. Oh I LOVE this party! How adorable and budget-friendly :)

    New follower:

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