Lainey Days

I am busy preparing for the Charlie and Lola birthday party on Saturday.  I rented a whole stack of C&L books from the library to put out for the kids to enjoy.  I'm thinking this party may be the most fun and budget friendly ever! Can't wait to share all the details with you.

While trying to plan my snack menu (the party is between meal times, helps with the budget friendly part) I asked Nadia what she wanted to eat at their party (Hayden doesn't say much yet).  "NO CAKE!" was her response.  Very strange for an about to be two year old girl to declare there be no cake at her party.  Chalk it up to temporary insanity as ten minutes later she declared that she wanted cake, and not only cake but "CAKE... AND MORE CAKE.... AND ICE CREAM!".  Well.... now that's my kind of party.

I asked Galoshes what she thought of doing a dessert buffet (as the husband doesn't have much to say about these matters).  We agreed that it was VERY Charlie and Lola appropriate.  And so it shall be! I've picked up some fun tea cookies, plan on making some chocolate covered oreos on a stick (with sprinkles of course) which I will share with you all, and lots of little cakes and goodies. 

While shopping for goody bag suffers I happened across GIANT lolly pops.  I should mention, I HATE goody bags.  Well, that's not exactly true.  I love goody bags, I hate that parents seem to think they should be filled with little plastic crap that is a waste of money and gets thrown away.  So I always fill my goody bags with fewer, more quality, items and a mixture of healthy and fun snacks (because the kids are still young). 

Anyway, this post was really supposed to be about Lainey, hence the title.  Just thought you might want an update on how she is adjusting to our crazy lives.  She has proven to have some "Marley and Me" moments.  What dog doesn't!  She forces me to trash plastic what nots and wooden blocks on nearly a daily basis despite all the toys and chew things she has of her own. 

Her favorite thing to do is sneak into Galoshes' house and steal dog toys from the dogs there.  She still does not bark... at all! Which amazes me and is her saving grace in this house when ever she has a Marley moment.  Well in addition to her extremely gentle nature. 

Thanks to everyone who is leaving me their twitter names, I'm following you all now.  I've been trying out Hootsuite.com and it is making my adventures in Twitter a million times easier!


  1. great pics of Lainey....hope she gets over her Marley and Me moments..

  2. Where can you find those amazing frames?

  3. What a sweetie! We rescued a GS back in April and she has also had some Marley moments too (our couch and tables all have to be replaced!) but we wouldn't trade her for the world! She and our other dog are inseparable :)