Garden of Whimsy

If you are getting married this summer, if your attending a wedding, or even if your just plain fun you have to check out Garden of Whimsy.  I found the shop while pouncing on Etsy (one of my favorite ways to waste time) and instantly fell in love with the shop.  April, the gorgeous vixen behind all of the designs, has so many fun creations it's hard to choose a favorite.  I recently ordered this "Twigs and Honey" wreath and am so happy with it.
April makes a much better model than I do so check it out in all it's glory.
April leaves nothing unfinished on these beauties.  The inside of the wreath looks as good as the outside and the band fits extremely comfortably.  Everything is securely in place and the wreath itself is nice and solid.  I'm very impressed with it and it will last me a long time.  Not to mention her prices are a steal! Check out some of my other favorites from her shop.

I'm obviously drawn to the large flower pieces, but she has a lot of simple wreaths (like my twig and honey) available in her shop

It's not longer in shop, but I had to share this amazing necklace she made too!
So inspiring! 

Now off you go, order something fun for yourself!


  1. Wow! Now if only I had somewhere to go while wearing one of those gorgeous flower pieces!!!

  2. I completely LOVE the small flowers in the bun! WANT!

  3. I could "Pounce" for hours! =)