The Crayola factory seems to have blown up... in my living room.

At least it wasn't the play dough factory!


  1. We switched to Crayola Twistables to keep my toddler and our dogs from eating them. We love them!

  2. ooooo - now you need to gather them up and melt them all together to make rainbow crayons...if you melt them into moulds then you can have rainbow star crayons etc...Cant claim this as my idea - just cant remember whose it was...not yours was it????


  3. My sympathies! The popcorn factory blew up in my living room yesterday and caused a major vaccuum malfunction... I now own a new vaccuum and less appreciation for those large tins of Christmas popcorn!! You definitely should use those crayons in christmas cookie molds, we just made a bunch of christmas trees and snowmen for presents and the kids had a blast peeling and breaking up the crayons :)

  4. ohhh my was it a Marley and Me moment or did the kids find it fun to destroy em?