Map Tree Tutorial

I'm glad you guys liked the map kissing ball so much! The tree actually came first and the ornament was what resulted in the left over petal pieces, but I couldn't decide if I was happy with the simplicity of the tree as is or if I wanted to add a trunk to it.  I thought about adding a glittered spool and trunk like I showed you in the mini topiary, so if you like that you can follow those directions and add it to this tree.

Now on with it!
So I went with the simple design. Cut a circle of felt to cover the styrofoam base of a cone and apply the petals bottom to top with a hot glue gun as we did with the ornament.
All the way up tot he top.  I have no idea how many petals this tree used, but it was a lot! Definately a project for in front of the TV!



  1. How cute is that? I have been getting a TON of catalogs in the mail due to the holiday season coming up. I feel bad throwing them in the recycle bin, maybe I can find the time to do this with them. I love this.

  2. Your map projects are so cool. I love the ball and tree! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  3. Hey, it's a Wisconsin map! Great idea. I'm checking out the other map projects now. :0)

  4. This is wonderful! With Joy, Carey

  5. I adore this tree!! Now I'm going to see the ornament! :)

  6. That tree is THE hotness! LOVE IT!!!! All I would do is add an equally funky star or driving inspired doodad on top.

  7. My grandson loves maps and atlases, and he loves his own Christmas tree in his bedroom, so this is the PERFECT marriage of a craft for the two of us to create together!
    My husband travels globally for his work,and has collected subway maps, as well as city maps for Paris, Dubai, London, etc...it's already looking fabulous! Can't wait to get it all finished!

    Thank You so much for the wonderful crafting idea!!

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