Adjusting to life without our beloved Bentley was no easy task.  She was an amazing dog, and will never be forgotten, but the kids were clearly in need of a dog in the home.  We were completely honest with the kids about what happen to Bentley and where she is now... but three and two year olds just don't understand beyond Bentley got sick and isn't coming back.  Since we live in a duplex with my parents and their three dogs right now, Hudson started asking Galoshes if he could "borrow" her dogs since "we don't have Bentley anymore".  Watching a three year old ask to borrow dogs on a daily basis, and dogs who really had no interest in being climbed on as Bentley so willingly allowed, just wasn't working for us.

I began our search for the next Ballweg family member with an ad on Craigslist, some applications to local rescues, and trips to the local shelters.  I had an amazing response to my ads looking for a family dog but hadn't found the one, until.....
 Please welcome Lainey! For those of you who knew her before she came to live with us, your used to her as "Lady".  Although a lovely name, I could not call it without waiting for the Tramp to come tagging along.  Although a lovely movie, the name just wasn't working for me.  But don't worry, Lainey doesn't seem to notice the difference and probably just thinks we are some crazy foreigners who can't get her name right and is being polite in not correcting us.  She is resting on her handmade memory foam dog bed, yes, she is spoiled already! This is only one of two handmade dog beds she has at the moment (can you tell what I've been doing all week?)

She is a wonderful, most quiet, gentle, calm dog you will ever meet.  We have had her since Friday and are yet to hear her make a peep! Yesterday we took her on an outing to the PetSmart to get an official "Lainey" tag.  She was happy to see everyone at the store, make some new friends, and take a long car ride.  She made a quiet hello bark to two new friends in the store so she does have a voice, she's just a very quiet girl (which with napping kids on a daily basis is a HUGE plus in my book!).

You will get to know more about Lainey as we go.  She's still adjusting to the poparazzi lifestyle of MJ&G!

I'm sure she will remain humble despite her soon found fame. For right now she is getting her beauty sleep and looking forward to telling you more of her story.
Oh, and she asked me to say "Hello" and a big "Thank you!" to the Columbia County Humane Society (especially Lisa!) and all of those she met while she was there.  And "Good Luck" to the Poynette Volleyball girls who gave her lots of loves along the way.


  1. Oh she is adorable! I am so glad that you didn't wait too long to get another dog, it will help the healing. Congratulations

  2. Congratulations on the newest addition! = ) I hope Lainey adjusts smoothly and that everyone is able to enjoy her immensely! She's so cute!

  3. She is sweet and thank you for adopting a shelter dog!

  4. Wonderful!! Thank you for rescuing! I did the same thing with a name -- ours went from Shelby (too Steel Magnolias) to Chelsea. She seemed to take it in stride.

  5. Well hello there Miss Lainey!
    What a beautiful GIRL you are!
    I just showed DOogan your lovely~ness and he sends HAPPY WAGS and
    sweet kisses to you!
    What a JOY you must be to your new sweet family!
    I wish you many many many years of LOVE!
    Snuggles to you!
    And kisses to Bentley as well!
    SO hard to let go~

  6. Wow, she is beautiful! She looks like a wise, old soul~~

  7. Congratulations, she looks so sweet laying on her new bed!!!

  8. Congratulations on your sweet new family member!

  9. {smiles} I'm so happy for you!

  10. You have a wonderful new addition to your family! Congrats!

  11. Wow I can't believe I mist this post so happy to hear it!