Free e-cards designed by me (and other artists)!

I was reading a magazine about digital holiday cards, since it is becoming the holiday season, and it mentioned a site that independent artists provide designs for and you can send their cards for free! I checked it out and decided it was something I would like to be apart of (since I had a stationary shop that I'm currently turning digital). I applied and my designs were accepted! So I want to share with you the site in case you would like to apply, or  just want to send some fabulous free cards!

The site is called Pingg, you can find me here.  On my page if you scroll down you will see all of the designs I currently offer, I'm building it up daily right now. Then on the left side you will see other designers or categories you can browse by.

I've never been one to send Christmas cards, I usually send a random holiday card like Halloween or Thanksgiving, but I've been sending out cards from Pingg because they are irresistible and FREE! Just thought I would share that with you :)


  1. Very cool website and advertising possibility. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I just hopped over there to check it out and shared it with my etsy team. I love your Diva card! How fun!. Your bio pic is adorable!

  2. What a cute card!! I will out that website!!

    I hope you are having a great week!