Festive Holiday Chalkboards- Check!

Although I love Thanksgiving, I kind of skip over the holiday and head right for Christmas.  So today I updated the chalkboards to get in the spirit.  My 3 year old is very Santa obsessed this year so we had to do a count down (although he can barely count UP!) on the refrigerator chalkboard.
The other chalkboard in my office got this fun wreath.  I thought I would show a step by step on how to draw it since it's super quick and I just love it!

Draw a donut, lots of wiggles, squiggles, and scribbles, Add scribbley red circle berries. Make sure you go outside the lines!  What's on your holiday chalkboards?


  1. Great idea! Greetings! :))

  2. My kids love countdowns. We've always got something we're counting down to.