Bed Fit for a Princess from CSN Stores

When Nadia started to climb out of her crib I knew it wouldn't be long before I was shopping for a toddler bed.  Hudson did really well with his transition, but Nadia has a bit more spunk so I needed something more than the plain white boring bed Hudson got.  I don't have a lot of extra money when it comes to kid's furniture so I turned to CSN Stores and found my solution.
This bed not only has the whole princess pink thing going but it was friendly to my budget too!

What I love about this bed-
  • Nadia fell in love with it from the moment I showed it to her on the computer so she was really excited that it was coming, which helped me in transitioning her from the crib to a big bed.
  • It's plastic. Now I realize this could be a huge negative for some, but for me I like that I can easily wash it off, it won't show as much wear and clean up nicer when I go to re-sell it after it's out grown, and it's not as hard if she bumps her head.  
  • It has a canopy, hello! 
  • CSN stores ships super quick so the excitement didn't wear off before the item arrived
  • Easy to assemble and was up in time for bed that night
  • Fits our crib matress so we didn't have to purchase anything extra
  • Large safety arms.  The guards on the side are about as big as the girl right now so it keeps her in nicely instead of having her roll onto the floor as she adjusts.
What I don't love-
  • The canopy could be sturdier.  If it weren't for the boys I think this would have been okay, but the boys get everyone worked up and going nuts in the bedroom and I'm constantly fixing the canopy putting the center support bar back in.  The frame is really no sturdier than a tent and it doesn't take much to bend one leaving the whole canopy lopsided (which ours is now!)
Overall, the whole wow factor of this bed really made the transition very easy, her big brother was very jealous of  her cool bed, and we are happy campers! Thanks CSN Stores!

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