Holiday Hair

Hello Friends,
I'm over at Style Please! today talking about DIY holiday hair.  I've mentioned before that I used to be a hairstylist so when Aly asked if I would guest blog on her fashion site I thought I should stick to what I know, hair! I hope you find some inspiration while your there.



Pom Pom Cowl Tutorial

I have recently fell in love with pom pom trimming.  I used to hate it, but over the course of time as I've come to appreciate a more vintage style, the poms have made their way into my heart. I also (as you know) love to wear scarves and cowls which naturally lead to this.

Which can be worn a couple ways of course.  Here are my two favorite.

What you need-
2 yards of your choice fabric.  You really can use any kind of fabric you want, mine was a satin blend.
2 yards pom trim
Sewing machine

Trim your fabric to 22 inches by 2 yards.  Fold in half, right sides together and sandwich the pom trim, poms to the inside.
Start sewing 2 inches from the top and stop 2 inches from the bottom.  Turn right side out.  So now your ends look like this.
The other side also needs the 2 inch slit, so cut one.  Fold the tube in half matching the ends, right sides together, side slits together.
Sew along the ends leaving the 2 inch slits open.  I'm not sure how to explain this best.  The two short ends of your tube need to be sewn together just along the very ends.  The slits you left and the slits you cut need to be left open (they allow you to sew the ends together, then hand or top stitched shut.

There are other ways to close your cowl, but this is the only way that allows the cowl to be a complete tube.  Other methods have you sew the ends completely together which results in a stiff seam that doesn't poof like the rest of the scarf.  If my directions aren't clear let me know and I can maybe draw a diagram that better shows how to do this.


♥Amy Cornwell Designs♥

One of my sponsors has the most gorgeous necklace that I'm totally drooling over...
If your holiday shopping I highly suggest you check out Amy Cornwell Designs!


DIY Snowball Ornaments Tutorial

It's up now!

I'm over at Under the Table and Dreaming today making this vintage inspired snowball ornament!
It's fun and sparkly (my camera didn't want to pick up the glittery goodness I guess). Come over and see how to make it (and a ton of other handmade ornaments)!


No Sew Scarf Tutorial

Happy Black Friday people.  Were you completely crazy and went out shopping this morning?  I will admit that although I'm not a Black Friday shopper (and couldn't be today as I have to be home with my kids) I did take advantage of my local Wal-Mart (which is the only real store near us) and shopped the midnight deals!  Our store is open 24 hours so I went in about 9:30 to get some other things I needed and grab what I could for the sale that started at 12:01 AM! I'm a night person so this worked really well for me.  The sad thing is I really went more just because I love being out in the middle of the night  and wasn't all that interested in to many of the things on sale.  BUT I did get a couple gifts.... OKAY I got myself a little something too (Sex and the city 2, which I haven't seen yet, was a steal!).  

I could not believe the manners on some people.  I'm not apposed to getting in a crowd to get what you need, but the woman ahead of me in a crowd kept screaming that if one more person bumped into her she was going to go off.  Seriously, lady if your reading this, your in a crowd of people on Black Friday Morning, you knew what you were getting into.  I took it upon myself to be overly cheerful to everyone in hopes it might be contagious. 

I would love to hear your Friday morning adventures!

But first, a little something for those of you looking for handmade gift ideas on a small budget with very limited tools!

Have a fashionista on your holiday shopping list?  Maybe you need something new and fun to wear on a very small budget?  How about a fun, no sew scarf you can make in less than 30 minutes and can be worn many different ways!
What you need-
Jersey Knit fabric (the stuff they make t-shirts out of)
The ability to tie a knot

Cut your fabric into a square (mine was 44 inches).  Fold the fabric in half diagonally to make a triangle. Starting at the tip of the triangle cut slits about .5 inch wide and 3 inches long keeping your scissors straight up and down (parallel with point) all the way up.
Tie each strip (back and front together) with one knot.
When you get to the end you will have a couple inches you could not cut.  Tie one knot in the end.
Repeat on other side from tip to end.  The look can be completely different depending on your knit fabric so have fun with it!  Enjoy!

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Gobble Gobble

Happy Turkey Day!

I hope you are all enjoying your day how ever you choose to spend it.  My family is very relaxed, if your there great if your not see you next time.  That's probably why we all enjoy our functions so much, everyone has chosen to be there rather than feeling obligated.  

I just wanted to pop in and say thank you to those of you who took the time to cast a vote in the Halloween costume photo contest I mentioned the other day.  My kids came in first place thanks to your votes!  So thank you for taking the time to click your vote.  



How to Make Home Made Croutons

It's pretty obvious that I'm not in the kitchen much, I don't talk about food or how to make anything all that often.  So it should come as no surprise that this was my first ever attempt at making home made croutons, but I could not be happier with how they turned out so I had to share!

I had an awesome bakery sourdough loaf of bread that unfortunately went a bit stiff before I had a chance to use it up, but there was over a half a loaf left so I couldn't bare feeding it to the birds and it just so happened that croutons were on my grocery list!  I took this...
and made this....
YUM! Here is what I did.
Cut bread into approximately 1 inch by 1 inch cubes.  I tore mine for the most part for a more rustic home made look.
In a large bowl toss bread cubes with a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Coat with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese  and/or any other seasoning you would like.  I used Parmesan and pepper, but I'm thinking garlic salt would have been a nice addition.
Spread on a cookie sheet in single layer, don't over crowd.
Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes
Allow to cook and get air for a couple hours before you store them in an air tight container. 

I hope you all enjoy your Turkey Day tomorrow! We will be spending the day with my family, watching football, eating wonderful food, and browsing those black Friday sales ads! Although I'm much more of a Cyber Monday kind of girl :)


I'm guest posting over at Infarrantly Creative Today!

Today you can find me making gifts...
Over at...

Stop over say hello, I'll be there all day!

Bed Fit for a Princess from CSN Stores

When Nadia started to climb out of her crib I knew it wouldn't be long before I was shopping for a toddler bed.  Hudson did really well with his transition, but Nadia has a bit more spunk so I needed something more than the plain white boring bed Hudson got.  I don't have a lot of extra money when it comes to kid's furniture so I turned to CSN Stores and found my solution.
This bed not only has the whole princess pink thing going but it was friendly to my budget too!

What I love about this bed-
  • Nadia fell in love with it from the moment I showed it to her on the computer so she was really excited that it was coming, which helped me in transitioning her from the crib to a big bed.
  • It's plastic. Now I realize this could be a huge negative for some, but for me I like that I can easily wash it off, it won't show as much wear and clean up nicer when I go to re-sell it after it's out grown, and it's not as hard if she bumps her head.  
  • It has a canopy, hello! 
  • CSN stores ships super quick so the excitement didn't wear off before the item arrived
  • Easy to assemble and was up in time for bed that night
  • Fits our crib matress so we didn't have to purchase anything extra
  • Large safety arms.  The guards on the side are about as big as the girl right now so it keeps her in nicely instead of having her roll onto the floor as she adjusts.
What I don't love-
  • The canopy could be sturdier.  If it weren't for the boys I think this would have been okay, but the boys get everyone worked up and going nuts in the bedroom and I'm constantly fixing the canopy putting the center support bar back in.  The frame is really no sturdier than a tent and it doesn't take much to bend one leaving the whole canopy lopsided (which ours is now!)
Overall, the whole wow factor of this bed really made the transition very easy, her big brother was very jealous of  her cool bed, and we are happy campers! Thanks CSN Stores!


Lainey the Three Legged Lover

It has been a week now since Lainey has joined our ranks. She is adjusting nicely, though she still seems to think that I may take her back at any moment, like she hasn't fully attached herself yet.  But given her background I'm sure I would be hesitant to grow attached to anyone too!
A little bit of Lainey's background as it's been told to me....

The family that had Lainey when she was a baby dumped her in the yard of her second family as they were moving out of state.  You see, the family who's yard she was dumped in had made a comment to Lainey's family on what a nice puppy she was and how they would love a dog like that.  Well Lainey's family took that to mean dump her off on your way out of town!

Although they weren't really looking for a second dog, and despite allergies, they took Lainey in.  Because of the allergies Lainey was kept in the fenced in yard for the night time. One night Lainey decided she wanted out, jumped on top of her dog house and attempted to jump the 6 foot fence.

She didn't make it.... Her leg was caught between two of the fence slats and there she dangled.  After hearing a struggle Lainey's family came out to her aid, but there was just to much damage, she needed surgery, expensive surgery!  It was looking like the only option may be to put Lainey to sleep.  Luckily a friend of the family worked at the humane society and offered help.  Lainey was surrendered with a broken leg and gang green.

The vet amputated Lainey's leg, she almost didn't make it through the surgery, but the vet was in love with her (she's just that sweet) and said he was not giving up on her.  So this is how she became a three legged lover.

While at the shelter Lainey had "almost homes" twice.  She was considered for a therapy dog (again, just that sweet!) and a family dog, but in the end I guess she was just meant to be with us.  I do have to mention, and thank, the family who almost adopted Lainey, but due to other pet health concerns decided to sponsor her instead THANK YOU!  I had no idea until I went to pay for Lainey that the family had paid half of her adoption costs (which were raised due to the expensive surgery, which I wasn't told and would have had a panic moment). The kindness of others always amazes me, especially in this economy and I can not thank that family enough.

So here she is, at my feet, our three legged lover.  It will take a while for her to realize she is home now, but she seems happy to be here.


Party Favors

So H&N (my twins) are turning two the week before Christmas.  I've decided to have a Charlie and Lola themed party.  I fell in love with Charlie and Lola (as most moms do) when my first born was a baby and I was getting familiar with all the kid's shows.  He unfortunately did not love it as much as me, but when the twins got to be about 18 months I showed it to them and they (Nadia especially) love it! (Sorry to all those moms who don't allow their kids to watch TV, I do.... still friends?)

I'm not sure if it's the cute little accents or the artsy style of the show, but I am so excited to get ready for the party.  Here were the invites-
While printing out holiday gift tags today I came across a free pdf from Vol.25 (one of my favorite artists and a past product review here on MJ&G!) that is sooooo Charlie and Lola style! So I printed and cut out the build your own cupcakes and they are going in the goodie bags (not to mention that I'm sure to decorate with them!).

I put each little cupcake, with all it's parts still loose, into a cello bag and used that "build your own cupcake" title strip to staple the cello shut.  Should have taken a pic of that, I will share it in the future!  The most absolutely delightful cupcakes in the entire universe! Or that's what I imagine Lola would have to say about it.


Ice Cream Cake Super Simple How to

The other day I came across this super simple 10 Minute Ice Cream Pie at Gimme Some Oven and started to drool. My husband's birthday is this weekend and I thought this would be a fun alternative to a traditional cake.  Personally I thought it would be amazing in a coffee flavored Ice cream, but he's not the coffee type, so (the worlds greatest) cookie dough it is!
I won't go into to much detail since you can get it over at Gimme Some Oven (along with a ton of other good recipes!) but basically it's ice cream, shell chocolate, ice cream, then more chocolate! Which is why we chose a ice cream with bits of things already mixed in.

Seriously genius!
A pepper mint would be amazing for the winter holidays! 
What kind of ice cream would you use? 


Festive Holiday Chalkboards- Check!

Although I love Thanksgiving, I kind of skip over the holiday and head right for Christmas.  So today I updated the chalkboards to get in the spirit.  My 3 year old is very Santa obsessed this year so we had to do a count down (although he can barely count UP!) on the refrigerator chalkboard.
The other chalkboard in my office got this fun wreath.  I thought I would show a step by step on how to draw it since it's super quick and I just love it!

Draw a donut, lots of wiggles, squiggles, and scribbles, Add scribbley red circle berries. Make sure you go outside the lines!  What's on your holiday chalkboards?

Christmas Tree Decor Idea Vintage Photography

I had a fun idea for decorating a tree and thought I would share it with you guys since there seems to be a few of you looking to start something new! It's vintage photography inspired.

 It's a nice option when you have young pets since there are no ornaments to break! Use vintage photos (or printed scanned copies) punch a hole and string with a strip of ribbon or fabric.  Hang a vintage camera or two.... Voila! You can find tons of vintage photos at any antique mall or purchase printable images off etsy!  I recently got an awesome cd with over 200 vintage images from Corpse Key Co who hand pics the images for each cd based on what your looking for (and for a steal!). 


Help a girl out!

Hello friends! Wanna help some cute kids win a fun contest?  My moms of multiples group is having a Halloween Photo contest and I've entered my kiddos.  We're Option 6, but feel free to vote for your own favorite!

Woody, Woody, and Rex thank you! (me too of course!)

By they way, the contest is just for fun :)

Map Tree Tutorial

I'm glad you guys liked the map kissing ball so much! The tree actually came first and the ornament was what resulted in the left over petal pieces, but I couldn't decide if I was happy with the simplicity of the tree as is or if I wanted to add a trunk to it.  I thought about adding a glittered spool and trunk like I showed you in the mini topiary, so if you like that you can follow those directions and add it to this tree.

Now on with it!
So I went with the simple design. Cut a circle of felt to cover the styrofoam base of a cone and apply the petals bottom to top with a hot glue gun as we did with the ornament.
All the way up tot he top.  I have no idea how many petals this tree used, but it was a lot! Definately a project for in front of the TV!



Junk Never Looked So Good!

While at Chapel by the Spring (by the way, have you check out that awesome deal offered for MJ&G readers?), our new friend Kym asked if Galoshes and I watched the show "pickers".  We have both seen different episodes and enjoy seeing what the two hosts find as they dig through old barns and sheds in search of treasures.  If you haven't seen the show, no biggie, just so happened that a recent episode had featured "Hippie Tom" who happens to live about 20 minutes from the Chapel and was having a sale that weekend.  Galoshes and I piled into my car and headed out for a junk fix.  Here is the eye candy that resulted from our trip. 

♥Please remember that my photos are copywritten and only here for your viewing pleasure.  I don't watermark for the most part because I think it takes away from the beauty of the photograph.  Some of these photos will be available in my free e-cards soon!♥

Ahhh.  Feel better?


Map Kissing Ball Ornament Tutorial

Not the most clever title, but that's what is its.  A bit pine cone reminiscent, made from one Styrofoam ball, a scrap of ribbon, an old map, and hot glue!

My ball is about 2.5 inches in diameter and used 45 map petals.

Fold your ribbon in half and tie a knot.  With a scissors make a whole big enough for your knot in the top of the ball.
Put some hot glue in the hole and press the knot into it.
Starting from the bottom.  Use hot glue to secure one petal flat onto the bottom. I cut my petals on my cricut, but any cutting method will do.  Just cut out a leaf, petal, acorn like shape.
Now working your way from the bottom to the top, curl each petal a bit and adhere the top portion so that the bottom half curls out a bit.  Each petal should overlap the one before.  Work your way up in rows.

Finish with a layer around the top close to the ribbon so no syrofoam is exposed.
There is a matching tree tutorial in the works!

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