Woody's Spurs Tutorial

If you have boys in your house there is a good chance you are preparing your little "Woody" for Halloween! Even if you have a store bought Woody costume chances are you still need some spurs.
What you need-
Yellow felt
Sewing machine or fabric glue

If you prefer a no-sew project feel free to use a good fabric glue, like fabric tac. I have two little "Woodys" at my house so you will see two different cowboy boots in my photos.

Measure your boot around the back half.
Cut 2 strips of felt 1 inch by that measurement and set aside.
Draw a circle about the size you would like your spur part to be and add a tail half the length of the strips you just cut.  It should look like a little tree.  You will need 4 of these.
Sandwich two trees together and cut triangles out around the edge.
Fold your long strips (the first things we cut) in half and sandwich between your spur pieces.
Do a dry fit on your boots.
If you are using glue you can tack everything in place now.  If your using a sewing machine you will need to sew in three steps.  First Sew around the outside half of the star portion going up and down the points.  Then sew up each side of the tails leaving the short side open.

Measure your boot again all the way around.
 You need to subtract your original half measurement plus 1 inch from this number.  Example.  My boots measured 10.5 inches.  My original measurement of the back half was 5 inches plus 1 is 6 so I needed to subtract 6 from the 10.5 = 4.5  Cut your elastic to that measurement.  You will need two pieces, one for each boot.
Insert your elastic into the short edge you left open .5 inch.  Sew back and forth to lock the elastic in place.
Secure each end of elastic and your set!


  1. Very cute idea! We have a little Buzz this year for trick-or-treat.

  2. THANK YOU! My 7-year-old has been asking me to put spurs on his boots and I didn't have a good way to do it...you're a lifesaver!

  3. OH Good! Hudson has been asking me to get him spurs over the last couple of weeks. Now he has a smile on his face!
    Love, Mom

  4. My little guy is going to be Woody, too! This will come in handy :) First I have to find some cute boots!

  5. So fun! My kids love Toy Story too. :)

  6. Great idea!
    My Mason is going to be Buzz & our new little Min Pin Toby is going to be Woody! =)

  7. ok how stinkin adorable is that? well my older boys are too old for it...this will come in handy after baby #5 is born. a boy after 12 years of having little boys around! woohoo! i can play cowboys and princesses again! thanks!

  8. Those are beyond cute- I love them! Now I want to be Woody. =) Thanks so much for the how-to, I'll be linking.

  9. Ah, I wished I would of found your site sooner! I just through my daughter a toy story party, these would of been cute to add to her boots.
    Thank You for sharing, I love Your site!

  10. Thanks! Great idea and tutorial! I just made some for my Woody lover! I used hot glue though instead of sewing ;) sewing and I do not get along, lol.

  11. My little guy is going to be a cowboy for Halloween and I want to make these....I can't see the pictures on this post though and I feel like that would help out a lot!!