Vintage Inspired Decor Tutorial with Free Printable.

While at the Meadowview Barn sale I fell in love with a vintage inspired Halloween decoration.  Unfortunately it was not for sale, but no worries, I knew I could make it myself.  I made several variations, some hanging down like the one you will see today and some hanging across like a garland.
What you need-
Image printed on cardstock (if you want yours to say something else you can run a book page through your printer and mount on cardstock for the same effect)

Pinking shears
Glitter (I used white gold Martha Stewart glitter)
Cheap foam brush
Ripped strips of fabric

Print out your image.  Right click on the images below and save to your computer.

Print the pages out on cardstock. Cut out the stars with a pinking shear.
The one above said Happy Halloween.
Brush plain white school glue onto the entire back of each star and glitter.
Tear two strips of fabric twice as long as you would like it to hang.  Fold your strips in half and tie a loop in the middle (this will be what your decor hangs from).  Punch a whole in each star, thread the fabric through and tie a knot in the fabric.  Hang and admire.

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  1. That is just adorable!!! I love it.

    I shared it on my tatertots and jello facebook page and linked to you. I hope you are having a great week!!


  2. Thank you that is so cute!

  3. Classy and pretty! Very nice Taylor.

  4. Love that idea! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  5. LOVE this... am totally going to make it. Great job ( -:

  6. Taylor....
    Oh you are so creative!
    I am glad I kept the "NFS" on the item -- moved you to making it yourself & then kindly sharing with us.

  7. Very cute! Glitter is good!