Halloween Decor Tutorial

I picked up a lighted pumpkin at a garage sale that had seen better days! Take a look at the before.
The orange color was quickly fading and chipping away.  This poor guy was probably headed for the dump.  A little bit of black spray paint, white school glue and some Martha Steward Onyx glitter.....
First I unscrewed the light unit from the bottom of the pumpkin and set it aside.  Take your pumpkin shell outside and give it a couple coats of black spray paint, don't forget the inside!

Section by section, brush on plain old white school glue then glitter. Screw the light unit back on and voila!

In building my decor display I had a vintage Halloween image I wanted to frame and add.   I went into the frame stash and pulled out this.
I loved the detail of the frame, but hated the color.  Nothing a little spray paint can't fix!
The bird is a Martha Stewart Crafts silhouette package that's out for the holiday.  I'm still building the display so I will share more as I go.  Take another look at those worn out decorations before you pitch them! There isn't much spray paint or glitter can't fix!


  1. Great ideas! I love how you gave the items a new life rather than see them tossed in the trash.

  2. This is great! Love what you did.

  3. so fabulous! there's nothing a little spray paint and glitter can't remedy. great makeover.

  4. I love the idea of painting the old light up pumpkins black. I have a couple that I wasn't even going to put out this year. I love that frame too!

  5. Looks so great...I love the glitter!

  6. Great idea with the heading-for-the-trash jack-o-lantern....you gave him a fantastic makeover and now he will be adored for years to come. I really like the idea of painting the frame black too. Spray paint is a girl's best friend!

  7. I am so glad you did this post because sometimes I just forget that spray paint can completely change the looks of something. If I saw that pumpkin at a yard sale, I might not have thought to restore him. I need to keep my eyes peeled for great finds like that! I know that I can do this, but I always forget! Spray paint and glitter rocks!