Day at the farm

The other day I posted some quick pics from our weekend at The Little Farmer.  One of you keen eyed readers even guessed where we were before I said it! So here are some fun photos from the farm, if your ever in the Fond du Lac area be sure to make a stop at The Little Farmer, we had a ton of fun.  The farm is done really nicely with an awesome playground, fun petting zoo, and treats that will make your mouth water.

A twins to twins conversation?

Always good advice...

I would like one of these signs for moms.... Mommy enjoys your attention....


  1. Ha! I'll take one of those mommy versions.

  2. great pictures! Love pumpkin farms. We have gone to the apple orchard this year but not the pumpkin farm yet. Love that sign! need it.

  3. we used to go every year! was it super busy when you went? The last time we tried to go it was SOOO crowded.

  4. i love her hat -- and of course that farm looks like so much fun!

  5. I finally found ruffle fabric at one of our only Hancocks Fabrics. Yippee. Her little pink hat is so chic on the farm.

    Yummy looking cuppie..mmmm I can see why you took a picture from the outside of the caramel apples..danger will robinson.