We're Back!

It will take me a bit to get all my photos in order, but we had a blast at the Junk Bonanza and Handmade Market!  I have so many fun things to show you, but I couldn't wait to stop by and tell you who I met......

Do you recognize her?  I can't image how many people walked by her and didn't, we know her work better than her face.  I was actually checking out how cute her hat was and then realized I knew her face..... a glance at her name tag confirmed it.... HEATHER BAILY! She seriously could not have been a nicer person!  I hate to admit it, but I got a little tongue tied with excitement talking to her.  So sorry Heather if I was talking really fast LOL. I get nervous when talking to strangers sometimes and tend to talk fast then feel like I'm taking their time up and saying good bye before I need to.  I think she may have had lunch with us had I asked, she was just that nice! 

And that super cute hat I was admiring by the way.... she said it's an up coming pattern! I will be purchasing it for sure.

I'll be back later with more photos.  Enjoy your Monday.


  1. What is even cooler, is that I have seen other bloggers with pictures with her, and that makes me like her fabric even more... if that is at all possible. She must be a really nice person to take the time to chat and take pictures at such a big event. Congratulations on meeting her. That is a cute hat!

  2. No way! That is so cool.