♥Technical Difficulties♥

I will be absent a few days while I wait for my ISP to replace my modem.  It sadly passed away yesterday.  After much frustration trying everything I could think of, the technical support called it's time of death and ordered me a new one. I have been told it will be 5-7 days until it arrives. Please pardon my absence during this time.  I'm busy in the craft room and will have lots of fun stuff when I return!  Have a great week. 



  1. condolences to you & your family. Will there be an autopsy?

    HAVE FUN in your time away - we'll look forward to seeing your creations upon your return! No pressure!

  2. Hope it gets there soon.
    BTW, your mat is in the mail!

  3. Oh you silly girl...Just put a little duct tape on it..it'll be fine~!

  4. I have just discovered your blog, so I am looking forward to your coming back.
    Sacramento from Spain.

  5. I've been reading your blog since summer and thought I'd finally say hello. You have such creative ideas!