Sunday Snapshot

I hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend! We are having another "country chic" garage sale here this weekend.  I'm very excited about the nest two weeks, lots going on!  Galoshes and I are going to my Grandma's while she's away on vacation this week to do a little home makeover surprise! I will be sure to take photos to share with you.  Then next week it's off to Minneapolis for Junk Bonanza and The Creative Connection Handmade Market!!!!

While we're in MN we are also going to hit up Ikea, because I LOVE that store and the closest one is three hours away and I've only been able to actually go into a real store (as apposed to their website) once! I just love the atmosphere of that store! 

So lots of fun things and September will be gone before I know it.  Am I going to see any of you in MN?

This is me, in case you run into me there you can put a face to the name!


  1. So sweet of you to makeover your Grandma's home. Have a blast at IKEA, that store is a field-trip!

  2. Come by Sassy Sites today, it's Spotlight Sunday and I think you'll love her! Have a wonderful Sunday. xoxo

    Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  3. I'm in Minnesota. Hope you have a great time when you're here.

  4. you are so pretty! :) that's so sweet of you to do a surprise makeover on your grandma's house. Take pics when you finish. :)

  5. My favorite IKEA item is the magnetic knife rack!

  6. You are so pretty! Have a blast at IKEA.