Ruffle Table Skirt Tutorial

I am so excited to share two projects with you today.  I am a self taught sewer and still consider myself a bit of a novice so anything that can make the simple look like it was a lot of work appeals to me.  I recently found this Ruffle Fabric and fell in love instantly.
I chose the larger 2" ruffle for this project.  Here is the before of my computer desk.
And the after!
The fabric does most of the work for you! You won't believe how simple it was.
For this project I also used 100% cotton gray fabric.

Measure your table top length and width add 1 inch to each measurement.
Example- My table is 40"x20" so my fabric is 41"x21"

Cut your plain cotton fabric to those dimensions.  This piece will be the top of your table skirt.
Cut 2 pieces of ruffle fabric to your length measurement by how ever long you want your skirt to be.  I chose to make mine 6 ruffles long, it was a lot easier than measuring it out when I could just count ruffles!
Cut 2 pieces of ruffle fabric to your width measurement (also by how ever long you want)

When cutting ruffle fabric, smooth ruffles in opposite directions along the line you want to cut.  Cut down the stretchy back fabric in the middle of this section.  Cutting to close to a ruffle will leave you without a seam allowance.

You now have one large rectangle of cotton fabric and 4 strips of ruffle fabric.

The ruffles are very forgiving in this step so you don't need to worry to much about their direction until we have all the panels connected.  With right sides together attach each strip of ruffles to it's matching side of cotton with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

When sewing your ruffles to your cotton place your fabric so you are viewing the back of the ruffle fabric.  There are lines that show where each ruffle begins.  Sew as close to this line as possible so you don't have a gap above your top ruffle and the cotton fabric. 

Your rectangle should now be surrounded by ruffles and each corner should look like this.

Match each corner of ruffle fabric to it;s partner right sides together and pin.  Make sure your ruffles are all smooth and in the correct direction! Sew from the corner or the cotton fabric to the bottom of your last ruffle.
Repeat for all your corners.  Trim your threads and flip right side out, your done!
For my table I needed one yard of the Ruffle Fabric, but I was also able to make this form the left over!
I will post the pillow tutorial later this week (and more ruffle fabric using the small ruffle option soon)!

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  1. i LOVE this. it makes me so happy to look at. oh if only i could sew!

  2. That is so beautiful and super impressive looking! Thanks so much for this, I'll be linking.

  3. This is the coolest sewing tutorial I have ever seen. LOVE it!

    Megan Monique

  4. Wow - that is so fun! I love the ruffles. I just shared it on my Tatertots FB page and linked to you :)


  5. Love it, I was wanting to do that to my ottoman in my living room....from scratch. I think ruffle fabric may be the way to go.
    Thanks for sharing, hopefully I can find that fabric in my neck of the woods.

  6. Thank you for the link to the fabric, I am SOOOO going to be buying this stuff. I do love my ruffler attachment, but this stuff is to die for. Love what you did to your desk, just is too cute.

  7. completely adorable! loving it

  8. That table skirt is the cutest thing ever! If only I sewed. I will pass it on over to my child that does though. She is creating her new studio in the next couple of weeks (she sews and sells on Etsy) and I bet she might like this for her sewing table.

  9. Super cute! Is that the "ice" color on the website? I've been trying to find ruffle fabric in a light grey color FOREVER and this looks like just what I've been looking for!

  10. Peyton, no it wasn't the ice. I believe it was the charcoal. I'm sure if you ask customer service with a link here they would be able to say for sure. I should have made note of it! But their customer service is AWESOME so they can help!

  11. Thanks so much! Love your blog. My sister has been was in labor the past few days (40+ hours) and all I did was browse through all your posts. Great inspiration!

  12. The fabric link is not working now??