My new favorite chair!

I am absolutely in love with my new chair from CSNstores.  It's the LumiSource Swizzle Bar Stool, which comes in several colors but I obviously chose white.  I admit it's not normally at my computer table as shown, but my craft table wasn't quite ready for a picture this morning LOL. 

Some things about my chair:
It's really comfy.  I know you wouldn't think that looking at it, but the seat is molded just right that I have sit in it for hours with no discomfort.

It adjusts height to fit any table.  Although a bit high at it's lowest setting for a normal height table, it does get very tall, so tall I can't even climb in and I'm 5'6"! My craft table is bistro height so it works perfect and the foot rest swivels with the seat for comfort.

It swivels! I know I just mentioned that but it is a really nice feature.  I've been using the chair for family hair cuts and the ability to have the chair up high and spin, priceless.

The chair came in a couple pieces that I just had to basically snap together.  At first I was confused because when you put the top onto the base it doesn't seem to connect and doesn't adjust height at all.  Sit on it! For what ever reason we decided to sit on it and see if the weight was what it needed to activate the height adjustment.  Well we heard a snap and VOILA! So don't panic that your missing something like we did, just put some weight on it and it will be good to go, fully unpacked and assembled within 5 minutes! 

My favorite thing about it has to be the style.  I love that the white color goes with any style but the design is minimalist just like me!

Not to mention CSNstores has it on sale.... WITH free shipping! Mine shipped so fast the UPS guy was practically ringing my door bell when I clicked purchase. Then again, that's what I've come to expect from CSNstore.com!  What's your favorite chair right now?


  1. What a fun chair and it sounds like it has been getting a lot of use! I'm loving the white. Now your table skirt is darling, did you make it?


  2. I might have to go check-out that chair :) I love CSN stores.

  3. love it! is it topheavy when you have it up all the way? and how about on the carpet? is it wobbly? my friend has 4 for sale and i was thinking of buying one or two :) if anyone else is in montana she has a couple more!

  4. THat is so cute! There is a frozen yogurt store by our house with a counter and those stools. My husband actually asked the owner where she got them, so I guess he likes them too!

  5. I have not found it to be top heavy, the material is really light actually. Very sturdy on the carpet. I really had nothing bad to say about it! I would (and will) buy the same chair again!