Junk Bonanza Here We Come!

We (Galoshes and I) are heading out for Junk Bonanza today! As soon as the husband gets home from work to take over with the kiddos we are out the door and headed to MN! While we are there we are also going to hit the Handmade Market as I've been allowed to attend as media and will have TONS of eye candy for you when I return! I plan on finding out just how many photos my huge memory card can hold! I'm yet to reach it's limit, but I'm sure I will this weekend. 

We thought it would be fun, since I talk about what opposites we are, to show you what Galoshes and I are packing to wear this weekend (or one outfit each).  It really shows how different we are and the origin of the "MaryJanes and Galoshes" name.

So here is what Galoshes has packed.....
She's Funky Vintage Country Girl.  The boots are thrifted, rosary is vintage, and the little purse is handmade off etsy.

And here is what MaryJanes will be wearing.....
The shoes are thifrted the feather piece on the hat is handmade by me, the necklace is from JCPenny.  We will be doing a lot of walking so there is no use for heels this weekend.

Don't worry there will still be fun things happening here while I'm away! Tomorrow I'll be over at The Idea Room with a fun fashion tutorial, and she will be here with a tutorial of her own!

But physically I will not be around so I leave you with a cute poem a reader sent today!

MaryJanes and Galoshes are Getting Things in Order
Looking at Maps to Cross Over the Border
Minnesota is Calling Mother and Daughter to Junk
They are Making Sure There is Room in the Trunk

Junkers Will be Traveling from Near and from Far
Some Flying on Planes But Most Via Their Car 
Rusty, Shabby, Chippy Bargains Galore
Inspiration and Fascination is What is in Store!

Have a super fun adventure!
How stinkin' cute is she!  Check her out!


  1. i'm a minnesotan . . . have a great time while you're here!

  2. I can't wait to see pictures! :)