Idea Keeper

I love magazines.  Specifically any magazine that give me decorating and design ideas.  Funny fact- if Galoshes has a magazine with a good idea she will dog ear the idea and keep the entire magazine.  When I find an idea in a magazine I want to remember I tear the whole page out and throw the rest of the magazine away!

I usually keep my magazine pages in a mesh wire basket.  I used to actually trim around the exact idea I loved and pasted it into a large idea scrapbook, but I have kids now so I don't have that much time and am lucky that I even have a second to actually look at a magazine!  I decided it was time to take my wire basket up a notch as it's not that easy to flip through when looking for inspiration.  I came up with this solution.
What I used-
Hard cover book (just the front and back covers) you will want a large one to accommodate your page size.
Decorative paper
Hot glue
Book Rings
White glue

Remove the front and back cover from your book.  Cut a piece of decorative paper the size of the inside cover for the inside front and back and glue in place.

I liked the idea of leaving the front cover as a book without embellishment, but my book had a big black ugly title so I chose to cover it using some pretty paper.
Wrap the raw edge of your covers with a wide ribbon and hot glue in place.  I pulled out a bunch of random supplies and a glue gun and went to town.
Drill three holes (I chose three because it works well with a three hole punch so I minimize the time it takes to get a magazine page in) large enough to fit your book rings through.
Insert book rings (found in office supply stores) punch your pages and voila!
Now I can easily flip through the ideas without creating a mess!


  1. Very nice! I like it! I definitely need to make one of these!

  2. I seriously need an idea keeper...I probably forget half of my ideas. Lol...so sad!

  3. Great idea! I have a huge stack of pages I rip out of magazines for "later" that are a total mess.

  4. I bought a pretty binder (target) and put my tear outs in sheet protectors. Able to keep it on my bookshelf with my other books. Easy peasy!

  5. I need to make one of these! Great idea!

  6. Blog hopped over from Sassy Sites. Love this! And it is so adorable. So is your header photo.

  7. I tried something like this a while back (although not NEARLY as cute as this one!) and had problems with the pages ripping, regardless of how carefully I turned the pages. I recommend mounting them on cardstock first, and then punching the cardstock. Just to reinforce it a bit. It worked WONDERS for mine. Just a thought.