Creative Connection Hand Made Market Photos

Creative Connection put on Hand Made Market to go along with a three day conference in MN.  Although I would have loved to attend the conference, I only made it to the market portion of the weekend, which was amazing! It is the first year for the event, but the artists there were all completely amazing.  I met so many nice people, a few names that I already knew, but the person happen to be away from the table at the moment (Lisa Lenard, if you read this, I was at your booth! Your friend was lovely, sorry I missed you). The girls at the Pleated Poppy and Gussy table were to busy talking to each other so I didn't get to really meet them :(  Overall it was an awesome way to spend the day and I grabbed as many cards as I could so that you guys can find all the great stuff I did!

I have to start out with my favorite booth of the show.  It wasn't her set up that made her stand out to me, but her art itself.  She is just starting to put her work out there so she doesn't sell online yet, but you can find her at her blog, Flutter.  She makes the most amazing altered bird canvas art.

The Silk Purse (who can be contacted at fmarvin@mncable.net, because she too is not yet online! Get on it ladies) had the cutest birthday boxes.  Check out this sweet little girl.
Too Many Suitors had adorable hand embroidered felt ornaments.  They also offered cute onesies and toddler size t-shirts, very nice quality garments used for both!
Artsy Fartsy had to be the funniest booth there, hands down.  There wasn't one piece that we didn't feel fit one, or both, of us! Just check out her etsy shop, you're belly will hurt with laughter. One of our favorite things from the booth....
I fell in love with this seriously cute Halloween dress from Olive and Ollie.

By far the cutest handmade dolls I've seen were from I Sew Lucky.  Her booth was mainly owls, which were super cute too, but it's the dolls that stole my heart.

Vintage by Crystal had a little sign up that said "As seen on Martha", yes THE Martha. And can you believe I had actually seen on of the segments she did! You probably did too! It's the cute little nest stand with the nest and eggs....
She had all kinds of cute little critters.
Lollibag's had the cutest banner for her booth, I just had to share it with you, what a great use of fabric scraps!
City Chic Country Mouse had the cutest aprons, ironing board covers, and sewing machine covers.  I fell in love with a few things in their booth.  Kind of like MJ&G, City Chic is the daughter and Country Mouse is the mother!
Really nice, quality made bags can be found at Jenna Lou Designs.  Here is a peek at some clutches she had, each one was different inside!
A few more random things to show....
The women in this booth were really sweet.  I can not figure out which business card I picked up from you guys though, so shoot me a note and I will link!
The booth above was full of super cute day planners and notebooks.  Every thing I picked up was super cute. And the girls in the booth were really fun too!
Thank you to the Creative Connection for having me! I had a wonderful time and came home with some treasured goodies! I'll share my goodies with you soon, I think that was enough eye candy for today :)

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  1. i am so sorry i didn't get to meet you! it totally was a girlfriends weekend away for us, so we all got a bit chatty - sorry!

  2. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! It was great meeting you! You have done a beautiful job showcasing the Market! Linda

  3. Wow, looks like such a GREAT market!! I would have loved to shop!

  4. I love your photos + i am so jealous! looks like a blast

  5. i spy a picture of my Charlotte trophies! it was a fun event; thanks for posting pictures from the Handmade Market!

  6. I am going next year for sure! Hope to have a booth and the Handmade Market.......would love to meet you. Thanks for sharing :-) Have a great day!!


  7. oh my! so envious...i was so hoping to make it this year but my work schedule got in the way. it looked like a wonderful show! hoping to perhaps rub elbows with you at another show soon!