Window Shopping

As I mentioned I've officially moved onto fall for the year.  Of course this means changing up some of the things in the home (pillows, blankets, ect.). We are still in limbo between selling our house and moving to the next one so most of our things are in storage, but I thought I would do some fantasy window shopping for fall. 

Seriously, check out the storage in this Sofa.  I've never seen anything like it! 

I really need that storage.  Please put that on my Christmas list!  By the way, I'm window shopping my way around Overstock.com today. 

While in the Sofas I came across this chair, to die for, wouldn't it be great in an entry way!

I like to switch up the headboards with my moods so this Bed would be perfect!

This stool is made for a bar, but when we moved I sold my salon chair (remember I mentioned I did hair). Well since then I've had to use a kitchen chair which isn't ideal.  This chair may need to find it's way to my house for haircuts! 

I would like this Buffet in every room!

Thanks for shopping with me today. We should do it again some time!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE That Storage Couch Set!!!

  2. I recently bought that stool(s) for my craft room. LOVE them. :D And that first couch is fantastic. A sleeper with storage and easy-to-clean microfiber. I'm sold. Thanks for sharing these. :D