Wearing Galoshes

I absolutely love this dress.  I wish I were alive in the days where women always wore fancy dresses and big hats.  There is no way I could have dealt with the sexism though, I have a hard enough time dealing with my mother's warped old fashion views of men and women.
This scene reminded me so much of the Wizard of Oz I had to share it with you.
I had to bring this little Brownie home with me, it's my first one!
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  1. Taylor,
    I challenge you to having me as a guest post to write up about my "warped old fashion values!"
    I bet that my beliefs in the structure of a family might be surprisingly agreeable to a higher % than you might expect.
    So, consider this a challenge...you on?
    Insert Smirking Grin:

  2. Taylor,
    I would very much like to read about your moms beliefs in the family structure. Also enjoyed the photos! They are a refreshing blast from the past.

  3. I love the dresses too. I don't think I would have liked the underwear they had back then! I'm going to stay away from the "old fashioned views" challenge and not comment on that at all!!

  4. Ah, a little visit to the Fresh Eggs booth...now I can breathe again. Thanks!