Play Up Adjustable Sand and Water Table

My little ones are obsessed with water and any toy that involves water.  So when I saw the Play Up Adjustable Sand and Water Table by Step 2 I really wanted to get it for them.  We were very excited when it arrived and it went up very easily! The legs are adjustable so it can grow with the kids (awesome!).
We have been using the table for a good month before I took these pictures.  I wanted to see how it held up to the elements before I told you about it.  It does come with a lid if you choose to put sand in it.  We had sand in it for about a week but it was so messy (you know kids can't keep the sand and water separate!) that we cleaned it back up again and keep it just for water.

It did come with two cute little tug boats and has fun roads and ramps to drive them around on.  My favorite part is the umbrella. One thing I would suggest is a way to lock the umbrella into the table.  My oldest likes to pull it out and walk around with it, which I don't think is safe for anyone around.

Once the colder weather hits we may change it to strictly sand.  You could even bring it inside and fill with dry rice or beans.  For now we're enjoying the hours of entertainment!


  1. That looks SO fun. My girls would totally love that!!!

  2. Love it! My grandson would be in heaven!!

  3. We bought one of those this past spring. My daughter adores it.

  4. my neice would have a blast with this..