Peace Cranes flutter above my head

Looking for a little whimsy in your life?  As a crafty kid I loved attempting all of those origami objects, I admit I wasn't the greatest at it.  Maybe if I had known that they can be made into beautiful ornaments complete with glitter I would have kept practicing!
These peace cranes are now fluttering above my workspace.  Makes everything a little dreamer don't you think? I was seriously impressed when these arrived from Local Colorist.  I expected them to be dainty and fragile, but in fact they are quite hardy and solid.  Still very light for fluttering about, the glitter and beaded hanger add a bit of glitz.

Local Colorist offers custom cranes as well made from love letters you've been saving perhaps?  You have the chance at your own cranes here!


  1. they look great against your wedding gown bunting!