Not Your Grandma's Pop Up Card

Pop up cards are fun, we've all been making them since kindergarten right?  Well we're all grown up now, and so are the cards!
What you need-
Paper glue
Exacto knife
Glitter (optional)

Step 1- Cut out two of your pop up figures.  You can cut out anything you can think of as long as they are both the same and have a box at the bottom to anchor them onto the card.
Step 2- At the base of our pop up image, cut a slit on each side about half an inch into the box.

Fold your pop up down at the base of the slits you just cut.  Glue the two pop ups together leaving the bottom inch or so free of glue.
Step 3- Glue each square onto a larger piece of paper (the paper you want for the outside of the card).  Leave a small gap at the base for the card to fold.
You can cover the white squares with other prettier paper if you like.  I chose to cover one side with some hot pink.
On the front side I cut a decorative edge with a Martha Stewart Punch.
On the back side I free handed then cut a partial heart.
Now when it's all folded up it looks like this.
Step 4- I don't think cards this cute should hide in an envelope so I used some cute pink ribbon to tie it shut and glittered "love" on the outside for some glitz.

All set!

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  1. you are just crazy talented, lady!

    (2 giveaways going on now!)

  2. Super cute! I love your pictures in the above post too. You have a creative eye.

  3. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I just can't wait to make one for my boyfriend on Valentine's day. He's very tall and that's just the way I always kiss him :) I love your blog. I've done craft works and posted on www.makemania.com Feel free to promote your blog and take a look at what I've made!

  4. Hi there!

    Thanks for your lovely tutorial! If you like to see what I did with your wonderful idea, have a look on my blog. I hope it is okay, that I show my variation online. I put a link up to honor your work. A friend needed a wedding card for a work mate so I found your tutorial on "one pretty thing".

    Greetings from Germany, ines