I ♥ Online Shopping

By now you guys know that I love to shop online.  With three kids its the only way I get to shop alone! One of the sites I frequent is CSNstores.com.  They have over 200 retailers all on one site so I don't have to surf all over the internet to find what I'm looking for.  Need new dinnerware?  How about a bike for your kid?  They have it all, all in one spot.

I'm not sure what I'm shopping for this time.  Maybe a great fall fashion.  There is so much to choose from!  Oh my, all my posts yesterday and I didn't even tell you what Galoshes and I have been working on! Well maybe I will keep the suspense until I have some photos.... Now that I think of it I may head over to CSNstores for that too!


  1. It's a pretty great site. I ordered something from them and it shipped the next day and arrived 2 days later-that beats most online stores that I've ordered from!

  2. I also loooove to shop online. Usually at work though. Naughty Naughty!