How to cut bangs

I trust that you will be very careful with this tutorial and I won't cause a breakout of too short awful bang jobs. That said, don't get all panicky, you can cut your kids (or if your brave, your own) bangs yourself at home. Here is a before and after of the bangs we will be cutting today.

If you are going to be doing this at home please visit your nearest beauty supply store (even walmart carries them) and pick up an inexpensive pair of shears.  Label them for hair only, like you do with your fabric shears!

While shopping at Target the other day mom and I saw the cutest model photo of a little girl with full bangs that framed the face and pigtails.  I am always putting Nadia in pig tails and my mom had been bugging me to give her bangs (we are always looking for a hair clip to get the hair out of her eyes, your all familiar with the process I'm sure).  So I thought I would share a how to with you guys.  I cut everyone's hair in the house (I'm licensed to, don't fret), but bangs are something that a lot of moms attempt and maybe with some tips you can avoid that "mom cut my hair" look.

First- give the kid a sucker! Maybe even turn some cartoons on (but you will kind of be in the way of that).  Sit them on a chair.  Sucker keeps the hands busy while a chair keeps the feet still.

Okay, deep breath.  My kid was extra wiggly today so these pics are blurry, sorry, but her bangs were done in three cuts ONLY! Please resist the urge to keep cutting if something isn't perfect.  If you have cut more than five cuts total for this tutorial put down the shears and back away.

Comb out all tangles, part hair down the center, comb front hair forward.
From the center part, take a triangular section with the bottom points at the outside points of the eyes.  So the entire width of your section is the width of the eyes from outside corner to outside corner.

Comb hair down.  This is VERY IMPORTANT. Do NOT hold the hair straight toward you when you cut.  It creates layers and feathering in the bangs and doesn't allow you to accurately judge the length. Comb the hair straight down and hold between your two fingers.  Cut just below the eye brow line. When you let go of the hair it is going to bounce up a bit, it's important that you cut it just longer than you actually want them to be so when you let go they aren't to short.  This style of bang should fall right across the middle of the brows.
If you can't get your kid to sit still for the second while you make the cut, ask them where there belly button is (if they are young enough to be amused by this).
 Second and third cut- on each side of the section you just cut, add the hair between the cut portion and the temple.  Comb this section across the face (again remember to hold it down toward the face and not out toward you). 
Repeat on the other side for your final cut.

At this time if you have any stray hairs that were missed (or if you had an oops and aren't straight) you can make minor cuts to clean it up.  Again, do not cut more than five times total or you will end up with a mess that has to grow out.  Trust me, I'm usually the one the parent is asking how to fix the bangs after this happens.


  1. Thank-you for this tutorial. My daughter needs her bangs cut and I was trying to get up the nerve to do it. :)

  2. Your daughter is oh so freaking adorable!!!! Love the bang tutorial, I'm sure I'll need it many times in the next few years :-)

  3. Precious model you have there!

    Shameful story: I once cut my bangs when I was in high school while my mom was at a funeral. I kept messing up and cutting again. It was so bad my mom let me stay home from school the next day to see if the beautician could straighten me out. (very untypical for her) I'd like to tell you I never cut them again, but I do on a regular basis, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. I'll keep these pointers in mind. Thanks!

  4. Thank you. These "quick clips" bang trims get us an extra month between professional kid salon cuts (and with two daughters that's a lot of $).

    I grew up with those horrible short bangs (just let me even them up...). So the first time I attempted this on my daughter I was scared to say the least.

    I do it after a meal (easy kitchen cleanup and a happy kid). And I abide by three cuts and walk away. Their hair grows back fast and you can always correct it again in a few weeks.

    Plus their kids - unless they're in a wedding or another big event - they're not supposed to look perfect.

  5. I love the after pic! She looks so cute!

  6. Thank you so much for this! My daughter needs to have bangs cut (her first hair cut), but I've been reluctant to take her to a salon because I don't want her to lose all her fine baby hair already.

  7. Thanks for the tips. And I love the bangs. The first time I cut my daughters bangs I was so worried. I did a quick search on the computer and the one tip I found was to use scotch tape to mark the line you wanted to cut. It worked fine. A few people thought it was a bit strange, but at least she had relatively straight bangs that weren't too short. The next time she needs a trim, I will definately use this tip.
    Thanks again.

  8. I just have to say most of what you say in here is what I tell the person cutting my 15 month olds hair. Last time I said bottom of ears and at eyebrows. Lets just say it is just now there after almost 2 months since a cut. I also went to school to do hair but I cant entertain him and cut at the same time just yet.

  9. These are great tips! I think I'm still too chicken to cut them myself though. Your daughter is absolutely adorable!

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  11. I did it!!! I gave myself a trim. I already had bangs, but I've tried (and failed) too many times before! I was hesitant, but your tutorial was FABULOUS! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Have tips for trimming boys' hair...also STYLING boys' hair! I can't find any products that will keep my boys' hair looking good all day.

  12. Your daughter is adorable!!! I love the bangs and pigtails! My mother (a beautician) and I are "patiently" waiting for my 13 month old to grow some hair in the front! She has a mullet of sorts and I am looking forward to her having pigtails and bangs!

  13. Just wanted to say THANK YOU! We have been struggling with my 21 month olds long bangs getting in her eyes. I just knocked out these sweet little bangs with the help of a lollipop and it equaled instant cuteness.