Hip Pads Baby Changing Pads

As you know I have three kids three and under which means a LOT of diaper changing.  Plus we are on the go a lot so I don't always have the comfort of my home changing mat.  I did NOT like the pad that came with my diaper bag, it was big for the pocket it was supposed to go in and you had to fold it just right to get it back in, frustrating! Enter Hip Pads.  They are small (10x11 inches), machine washable, and a lot more comfortable on the bum than the diaper bag one.
Not to mention they are super cute and soft.  Throw them in you purse, in your diaper bag, heck buy a bunch and stash them everywhere you know your always changing diapers too. 

The pads are the perfect size for just under the bottom protecting the changing surface.  The quality is so consistent you won't believe they are hand made!
There are a ton of fabric options too so your sure to find something you love.  Want one?  How about two?  Okay, you twisted my arm, giveaway here!


  1. What a great idea! I have a petunia pickle bottom diaper bag with a really fabulous changing pad attached but I don't always drag the big bag around with me. Those would be perfect for tossing in a purse!