Gorilla Glue Party with DIY Club

The DIY Club inc will be hosting an EXTRA party next month
The Gorilla Glue PARTY
will be open
Sept 9th through Sept 30th
Our theme is:

Something OLD
Something NEW
Grab the CREW (Yah, get the family involved)
Repurpose something OLD or create something NEW, Grab your CREW, just be sure to use Gorilla Glue in your project.
You have plenty of time, to plan what you will enter.
22 days to enter--why TWENTY TWO, just because it rhymes with NEW, CREW and Gorilla GLUE
We can't wait to see your projects.
If you have entered a Gorilla Glue project into one of our monthly contests, you CAN re-enter it into this special event.
You have 18 chances to win a gift box of Gorilla Glue
Leave a comment for each entry
ONE chance if you follow this blog
ONE chance if you follow the DIY Club inc
ONE chance if you post the Gorilla Glue button on your side bar
To get those other 15 entries
Visit the other 5 gals blogs and leave them a comment letting them know you are following them (and, if you have already followed the DIY Club and have posted the Gorilla Glue button, just let them know and it automatically enters you for 3 more entries.)
If you already follow me--let me know.
Each of the 6 DIY Club gals is giving away a gift box of Gorilla Glue.
We will announce the 6 winners, Sunday Aug 22.
LOTS MORE PRIZES will be awarded to our Gorilla Glue contest winners of the party event.

Our Regular monthly party event will still take place, that party will begin 7 pm Sept 2.


  1. a goodie bag of glue - how fun! I do follow your blog....
    Many thanks-

  2. Sweet. I have yet to try Gorilla Glue, but I hear that it is awesome. I actually have it on my craft supply list for the next store run. If I win I won't need the list anymore:)

    I follow your blog.

  3. Thanks my friend!! You are the best :)