Frame It!

I recently got some post cards from an artist's shop, Christine Mason Miller, have you seen her work?  She has been in some of the Sommerset magazines Galoshes and I are obsessed with (who isn't?). You can check out her website with all her info, she has a fun blog too! After receiving some of her postcards they seemed like a story, so instead of sending them out I decided to frame them!
I didn't want to damage the post cards so I used poster putty to secure them in place.
See how they kind of made a little story?  "Your sparkly, your an artist, your on a journey" and I love the colors!
It now hangs in my studio space, how inspiring!


  1. Very cute, definitely see the story, and definitely an inspiring message for you in your "work space"

  2. I love that!! Thank you so much for sharing this. :)