Amish Fabric Store

We live near a lot of Amish and Amish businesses, the closest of which is a quilting store.  I had never gone to the quilt shop, it's not near the other Amish businesses, there are never any cars there, and I assumed they would only have the dark solids they use for their clothing.  I WAS WRONG! And now I may be in trouble.

I could not believe the beautiful fabric they carry.  The prints they do have are almost vintage looking, I guess that would make sense considering who is choosing what they carry.  Even the solids are gorgeous colors that I would be lucky to find elsewhere, and cheap! I got gorgeous 100% cotton fabric in a dreamy green and cool gray for $2.60 a yard!  They even had loads of notions and embroidery floss.  When the nearest Jo Ann fabrics is 45 minutes away this was a HUGE excitement for me.  Our Wal-Mart stopped carrying 90% of their craft section, which meant getting rid of ALL of their fabric and embroidery floss.  Very sad time for me.

When I told the Amish woman running the shop my excitement and that I hadn't expected them to have prints she said it was something new she started when Wal-Mart got rid of their fabrics for "You People" she said which made me laugh a bit. So I'm officially in trouble, the store is less than 2 miles away and I find fabric addicting.

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  1. Oh wow! I would be there every other day. How fun!

  2. Oh well...think of it this way...you're just supporting the local community! However, it is nice to got into a shop that charges a fair price for it's goods.

  3. I'm jealous! the nearest fabric store for me is an hour away!

  4. So super jealous!! I don't think I've ever gotten fabric for that cheap and I'm not a big fan of the fabric from JoAnn's so I usually end up paying out the nose at an actual quilting fabric store.

  5. hi taylor,
    thanks for your nice comment, which I did understand :-)
    I also thought, that Amish people are wearing dark colors of cothes...well sometimes, people are just so wrong :-)
    have a great sunday, bine

  6. genius...i would never have thought of something like this. though i don't think i have any amish groups nearby, i plan on looking for some right away!