Your Time BodyTreats has me drooling

This stuff smells good enough to eat! Take advantage of Your Time Body Treats' Christmas in July special (see shop for details).  I have been indulging in the White Cupcake sugar cube scrub, Orange Chocolate lip balm, and Cotton Candy lip balm.  Amazing!
Seriously, if these things smelled any better they would have calories! The sugar cubes are the perfect size for taking one at a time into the shower.  I gave a few to my mom to test out.  She used them on her face and really loved the size of the cube and that she could use it to scrub around her nose.  I broke my cube up and used it to scrub my feet.  It took some effort to break it up, these babies are packed nicely!

The lip balm is the perfect balance of smell, shine, and slickness (not sticky). She has lots of flavors available but who doesn't love cotton candy! And it came in my favorite color!
Keep Your Time Body Treats on your list when gift shopping.  They make such a beautiful gift and support an etsy shop owner (my favorite thing to do!).

Lata, the artist behind Your Time Body Treats, also has an amazing jewelry shop and she's offering a giveaway to MJ&G readers! Check out the giveaway page for more details!


  1. Ooo! Looks yummy! I'm always searching for new fun bath stuff. Off to Etsy!

  2. I just ordered the jasmine scrub & cotton candy lip balm - the free shipping is great!!

  3. I love to have stuff like this on hand for gifts...time to shop :)