Tissue Poms Tutorial

I love tissue paper poms.  They are fun just to have up in the house! Trying to be economical for Hudson's birthday party I picked up a package of multi colored tissue paper.  You can make those big full round poms easily with about 15 sheets of tissue, but my package only had 6 of each color.  I could have cut the sheets down and made smaller fuller poms but instead I did half circles to be hung tight to the ceiling in pairs.
The pink and green are not for the party, not very baseball themed colors.  I was just having so much fun I had to make the whole package!

What you need-
4-6 sheets of tissue paper (15-20 for a full, round pom)
Pipe cleaner
Fishing line

With all your tissue sheets in a neat pile, fold accordion style like a huge fan.
Wrap a small section of pipe cleaner around the center to secure. Attach a length of fishing line to your pipe cleaner so you can hang your pom up when it's done.
You can really change the look of your pom by how you trim the ends. I suggest either a pointed or rounded end.
Now just pull your sheets apart and fluff!


  1. I love these! I am trying to make them for my son's 2nd birthday party, but I just can't seem to get them to look right... Did you tie two together in the picture? My currently look like half poms... I can't get them to look like a circle. Any thoughts? I love the idea of a baseball theme! I will have to keep that in mind for next year. :) Thanks, Jen

  2. Really? That's it? I've wondered all this time how to make those gorgeous pom poms and that's it?! I AM RUNNING HOME TO MAKE SOME. **hee hee**

  3. the trick to them is even equal folding, good cuts on the ends and LOTS of layers of tissue. the more the fuller. oh and lots of practice. i have made a few of various sizes and they didn't all turn out great.... they are more... shaggy then i would like.

  4. I tried making these and it didn't turn out so well....my crappy scissors couldn't cut through the ends! I'm not too crafty, LOL! So....I ended up buying some on Etsy from "Pomtastic". www. pomtastic.etsy.com, and they turned out great! I will be buying more in the future, saved me so much time and hassle.