Simple Bird to Super Sweet

First I would like to say "Congratulations!" to Shannon of Luvinthemommyhood on the recent birth of her baby! Although I'm sure that sleep deprived blog posts may prove to be somewhat entertaining, Shannon decided to invite some of her favorite bloggers to join in a "New Mommy/ New Baby" tutorial theme and I'm very flattered to be one of those bloggers! So welcome Luvinthemommyhood readers! I hope you find something fun here at MaryJanes and Galoshes.

While shopping for some fun things to improve at the Dollar Tree I came across this irresistible little bird Canvas.
For a buck a piece, I bought like six! I made a few different variations.  Here is the finished one that I will be walking you through today.
I think it makes a super sweet nursery room decor.  I made a few in blue and a few in pink so I will have a few on hand for quick baby gifts.

What you need-
$1 Bird Canvas from Dollar Tree
Paper Streamer in color of choice
Scrap paper, small piece for hat
Pom Pom Ball
Hot glue gun
Scrap of lace
Sewing Machine

First cut a triangle for the hat and about a 6 inch strip of streamer.  Fold your streamer in half the long way so it's half the width then scrunch it up accordion style and give it a haircut so it's only about half that tall. 
Glue the triangle down then the pom and streamer.  Tack the ends of the streamer down on each side so it fans out a bit.  Fluff when the glue dries.
Next cut a bit of lace the width of the birds neck and tack down with hot glue.
I also did a version with a streamer neckline that was done the same way as the hat but without cutting it in half.  So if you don't have lace, or just preffer this look  it's also an option.
Now get a piece of streamer that's 2.5 times the height of your canvas.
With a long stitch, run the streamer through your sewing machine then gather to ruffle by gently pulling on the bottom thread.

Hot Glue this down one side of your canvas.  Trim the edges flush with the top and bottom of the canvas. Now for the glitter! I used Martha Stewart's "Onyx" glitter.  On a piece of card stock with a black pen I wrote out the word "chirp" then traced with glue and glittered.
Cut the letters apart and glue them on below the bird.  I also drew a couple music notes up by the birds beak with the glue and glittered.
Your done! Here are a few of the other variations I did with some feathers and silk flowers.
I hope you enjoyed the idea! Thanks Shannon for the invite to participate, check out Luvinthemommyhood for more baby and new mom ideas!


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  2. Cute! And for a buck? Good steal! : )

  3. Unbelievable, the things you do!


  4. Very cute idea! I love these canvases!

  5. Too much! I'm off to my Dollar Store to hopefully recreate these :)

  6. That is so creative! And I love that you found it at the Dollar Store- bonus! Thanks so much for the great idea, I'll be linking.

  7. OMGosh!! I LOVE these!! I love birds and have started a collection for my three year old in her room...wonder if my Dollar Tree would have any...will have check them out. TFS :o)