Pre-Game Show

So the baseball themed birthday party is 8 days away.  I have finally recovered from the week long virus that has had my entire family sick for the last two solid weeks! I went around the house with a garbage bag collecting all the nasty tissues today and got the house in order to begin party planning mode.  I even color coded my shopping list so I knew what to buy now and what has to wait until the last minute.  Seriously, here's proof.
I DID tell you I was a Capricorn when I introduced myself so don't look surprised!

So as if taking care of all the sick kids and the sick husband (and the husbands are the worst aren't they!) then ending up sick myself wasn't bad enough! Yesterday just as I started to feel a bit better, I cracked my brand new laptop's screen! I've put my old laptop through some major wear and tear but I've NEVER had it leave me stranded so to speak (even when Hayden dumped a bottle of water on it and the screen permanently darkened, it still worked and I could still see the screen).  But the new one, although I'm love it (Windows 7 is rocking my world by the way) one little mistake and the screen looks like I took pitching practice at it!

The kiddo (yes, Hayden again, that kid had better grow up to be on the geek squad so he can at least fix these things) was up at the desk, opened the laptop and placed a pen on the keyboard.  No harm done, until Mommy walks in and closes the laptop while looking at the boy scolding him for being at the desk..... CRUNCH! Okay... so it doesn't make an audible crunch, I had no idea anything had even happened until I tried to turn it on and saw the spider webbing like when your windshield meets a gravel truck.  I hadn't even closed it all the way! GRRRRR.  The good news is, thanks to all the great people who use YouTube, it looks completely easy to replace! Maybe I'll be the one on the Geek Squad here pretty soon!


  1. Sorry about your laptop, but glad to hear the sickies are out of your house. Good Luck with your party planning, love the list!!

  2. Oh no! Technology has become so darn finicky. Best of luck that the fix is as easy as it sounds.

    And yes, sick hubbies are the WORST.

    Can't wait to see the birthday bash!

  3. Oh no! Sorry about your laptop. Good luck with the party planning. It looks as though you're very organized. :) Hope the sickies STAY AWAY!

  4. Color coding your list is way smart!

    Sorry you have been sick and sorry about your laptop! NO fun.