Please vote!

Hello friends! I need your help. Below is a message from Rayan, the writer of The Design Confidential. She recently asked me to participate in a button design contest for her blog re-do. If you have a moment to help out the cause go vote for your favorite, voting is today only. Thanks!!!!  Here is what I entered-

By the way, this is her header, not my design so don't be confused.  Here's Rayan.


Hi friends!  Rayan from The Design Confidential  here....I am borrowing your blogger for just a bit while we vote on my new Identity.  I am so thankful that your Blogger has decided to contribute to my cause and I hope you will too!  We need you to head over to my site and cast your vote for the Logo that will become my new Identity.

I recently made the transition from The Frugal Designer to The Design Confidential because it fit my content a bit better...now I need a new button for all of you fabulous peeps to admire while perusing my site, and perhaps to wear proudly after entering your tutorials in my DIY Collective or tackling one of my Build It! Plans...Please help me decide...see you soon, thank you for lending your Blogger's talents and for participating.. Xx  Rayan

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  1. I put my two cents in :)


  2. I voted for you!


  3. Yes I voted!! And the little clown bird in the post below is just so adorable. Great for big and little kids:) xo