Leather Blossoms

Every once and a while I get something off of etsy that just amazes me that's it's hand made. I recently got a headband and bobby pins from Leather Blossoms. I have no idea how she cuts and assembles everything so perfectly but I'm seriously impressed! She even custom made my headband when I wanted a variation of what she had in shop.
 The artist behind Leather Blossoms says she started out making leather headbands for her daughter and they were so popular it just kind of took off from there! Today she offers headbands, bobby pins, necklaces, earrings, shoe clips and more! I'm loving the shoe clips.  Change the look of any pair of shoes in a second! How fun is that.
Leather Blossoms is offering a giveaway on the giveaway page plus a 10% discount for any sales that mention MJ&G in the note to seller! Check out the details here!


  1. WOW! Her stuff is gorgeous!

  2. Those are super pretty. Love the concept.

  3. This look is great for so many ages!

  4. Loving that headband...I am going to have to check out her shop!