Honey Flower Beads vintage style with a modern mix

Honey Flower Beads offers fun jewelry and oh so cute hair clips! Amber is a wife and mother of one and the artist that creates all the fun things in the Honey Flower Beads shop.  She was very nice to work with and very easy to talk to.  I fell in love with this sweet flower necklace of hers.
She pulled the colors from the pendant with beads on the chain so everything goes together so nicely even though the colors are all strong.  I can see the amount of time and work that went into the piece.  It's so well made people are surprised when I tell them it's from a shop on etsy.  It looks very professional.  I wouldn't hesitate to give a gift from Honey Flower Beads. Well I kind of am as you have a chance to win a pair of her earrings! Check out the details here.

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