Eco Chic!

So many of the projects I show you are done by re purposing old things into new things.  It's a great way to use materials you have or keep things from going into the landfill.  When I was little my grand father worked at a landfill.  We couldn't believe some of the things that would get dumped. Many otherwise useful items, even large appliances, find their way into the landfill every year. Often a simple repair with readily available appliance parts would add years of usefulness.  

This was 20 years ago so I would hope that some things have changed now, but he would bring home brand new (with tags) clothing that the stores would dump when the season was over had they not sold! Just amazing.  So I love to see others who re purpose things as well.  Of course you can find tons of people doing this on etsy.  Like RicRac and Bricabrac, where shop owner Terah uses things she finds at charity shops to make fun funky bags!
Since each bag is made from recycled items they are one of a kind.  Mine has a beautiful lace applique on the front.  She put a ton of pockets on the inside as well, along with a handy key clip hung by a vintage ribbon.
See how she used a lace doily to make a pocket, so clever! The bag is really well made and durable.  Since it's made out of clothing pieces it's safe to throw into the washing machine which for me is a big plus!

Want to win one of Terah's creations? You can here.


  1. Those are great! I love the look of the key hanger on the piece of ribbon.

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