Baseball Party Pics

We had a wonderful time at the baseball party.  It went by so quickly it was hard to enjoy all the work that went into it! A good time was had by all.  Here are some pics from the day.
We rented the local park so that we could have an actual baseball field to play on. My decorations were budget friendly.  The circle garlands hanging down are just paper punched out then run through the sewing machine! So super quick and I love the way they look!
We did ice cream sundaes rather than a birthday cake (although I did have a small cake for the boy and his friends, it's the green thing behind the ice cream stuff).  It was my first attempt at fondant.  I used the marshmallow fondant recipe from bake at 350.  This picture was taken after I froze the cake for a couple days so the baseballs got a bit smooshed.
One of the best parts about renting the park was the use of their ball park equipment! Hot dogs always taste better off a roller.  We also had the actual nacho cheese warmer.
We had fun "foam" fingers I will put a tutorial up on shortly.
Can't have a baseball game without bubble gum.  I was very excited when we found the throwback flavors at a local Amish grocery store.
Tissue paper poms from this tutorial

The birthday boy and his MVPs all in their shirts from Piccadilly Circus Designs.
Play Ball!


  1. Super cute party ideas! You did an amazing job!

  2. Just look at those grandchildren of MINE!!!
    They are so cute I just want to squeeze their little chubby cheeks!
    You did an amazing job getting this all put together! Everyone had a nice relaxing time and the baseball game was o much fun! Esp when I got to yell....Run Taylor Run!!!
    OMG...I about peed my pants laughing!
    Love, Mom

  3. Looks like you hit a home run with this party idea!


  4. Awesome job! I love the simple decorations and the YUMMY treats. I bet your boy had a fabulous 3rd birthday.

    (Great job on the cake too! I am not good with fondant...give me buttercream and a bazillion tips and I can go to town. Fondant baffles me.)

  5. It is all perfect! I love the felt finger!!!

  6. I hope my son Keegan's 1st birthday looks as amazing as this. Maybe you could come help me decorate hehe. It looks absolutely amazing <3

  7. Theme parties are so fun. I think you thought of everything for this one. A real grand slam for a little boy's big day!