Back up and running!

I just may have a future on the Geek Squad! My new laptop screen arrived today.  I had it from box to installed and working in under 30 minutes!!!  I must say that had it not been for You Tube I don't know that I would have had the confidence to do this myself.  When the screen cracked the first thing I did was Google "replace laptop screen".  One of the very first results was a You Tube video.  The guy in the video made it look so easy, and it was! Although I must admit there was a moment where I didn't know if I was going to pull it off as there were a few more connections going on behind my screen than the one he shows. 

Also if you ever have this problem and need to replace your screen, I purchased mine from LCDscreen.com for half of what my manufacturer (who was also back ordered for more than 4 weeks!) wanted and I had my screen within a week!

Lucky for me they went heavy on the bubble wrap as despite the multiple handle with care stickers UPS still managed to put a hole in the box during it's travels!!!!!  What can brown do for me? Stop putting holes in my packages that's what!

And since I have you, if you didn't get a second to cast your vote the other day, I'm in the finals of a DIY contest using Gorilla glue.  If you could take a moment to cast a vote my directions I would be forever greatful (my project is the vintage bingo tacks).  Thanks!

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