Wearing Galoshes

Some vintage eye candy from my most recent Galoshes day.
I love the hankies strung up like a valance.
2 days after I took this picture of the Pepsi creates my Pottery Barn catalog came and had the exact crates in them! I have no idea what they had on them at the antique store, I didn't want to buy them, just liked the look.


  1. Hey I had an alarm clock like that growing up! (Except with Garfield on the face.) I haaated it. Too dang noisy with it's bells clanging! But I love the lines. And I love that chicken & eggs sign!

  2. I am in love with the crates...I think they would look amazing in a craft room for storage. Although...they would look even better if they did not have the Pepsi label on them!!

  3. I love the scarves as curtains! I might try to make that! Toooooo cute!

  4. I love those crates but never know what to do with them unless you have twenty to stack up.